AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access in .NET

Integrated barcode data matrix in .NET AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
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The AAA key is a key shared between the MN and HAAA and is the fundamental component of the AAASA. Mobile IP specifications assume that the AAA key is a symmetric key and leave the administration specifics of AAA key configuration to the implementers. When the credentials given to the mobile node are public key based (certificates), a symmetric key can be derived based on the certificate. We will describe how the Mobile IP specifications use the symmetric AAA key to provide authentication and key exchange.
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generate, create datamatrix none on .net projects Lifetimes Now that we have described the temporal distinctions between these SAs, we should mention a commonality between all of these SAs as well: Almost all the SAs in the model should be created for a limited period of time to ensure robustness against dictionary or off-line attacks. These means the keys have limited lifetime and must be refreshed prior to expiration.
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Using Barcode recognizer for VS .NET Control to read, scan read, scan image in VS .NET applications. Security Parameter Index (SPI) As mentioned earlier, many of the security associations (SAs) in the Mobile IP-AAA specifications, such as [MIPKEYS3957] are not real IPsec SAs, but using a terminology similar to that of IPsec is rather convenient when it comes to describing the security relationships and operations. In particular, the Mobile IP-AAA signaling specifications use the concept of security parameter index (SPI) to point to various SAs. However, when reading these specifications, keeping track of various SPIs becomes a daunting task. For that reason, we provide some guidelines on nomenclature of the SPIs early on. The reader can move on to the next sub-section only to read the highlights of the signaling process, if she so wishes. We use the notation that Diameter Mobile IP application specification [DIAMIP] provided to describe the SPIs for MSAs and expand it to provide a general guideline for SPIs naming and assignment. As mentioned earlier, the mobility security associations (MSAs) are unidirectional, i.e. X-to-Y MSA is different from Y-to-X MSA. The X-to-Y MSA is used to describe the security context needed for the protection of messages from X to Y. The receiving party (Y) uses the X-to-Y SPI to locate the security context needed to verify an authentication extension provided by the sending party (X). Hence, the following general rule applies: 1. Y assigns an X-to-Y SPI and sends it to X. 2. X uses the X-to-Y MSA as the security context for calculating the X-Y authentication extension to be sent to Y and includes the X-to-Y SPI value in the extension. 3. Y uses X-to-Y SPI value to locate the security context it has with X and verifies the authenticator within X-Y authentication extension. For instance, the HA uses the MN-to-HA SPI to locate the security context needed to verify the Mobile-home authentication extension, calculated by the MN. Since MN-to-HA SPI is an internal HA index, the HA assigns this SPI and send it to the MN in advance (when the MSA is being established). Diameter Mobile IP application defines the notion of an MN-AAA SPI as the security parameter index (SPI) that HAAA will use to locate the AAASA and AAA key required to verify the authentication material provided by the MN.
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AAA and Security for Mobile IP
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8.1.2 Key Delivery Mechanisms
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As mentioned earlier, Mobile IP-AAA accomplishes two goals: 1. Allows the Mobile IP agents to outsource the authentication of the mobile node s initial Mobile IP registration requests to the AAA server. 2. Uses the AAA server in generating the key materials needed for the creation of MSAs between the mobile node and its Mobile IP agents. We mentioned earlier that, even though the MSAs between the MN and the Mobile IP agents are unidirectional, the MN and the Mobile IP agents dealing with the MN use the same (symmetric) key in both directions. Unfortunately, the designers of Mobile IP key management procedure [MIPKEYS3957] only specified the methods by which the keying material are delivered to the MN, but left the specification of the key delivery process to Mobile IP agents to AAA designers. This, although inconvenient, is understandable since the Mobile IP is really about the signaling between the MN and its Mobile IP agents (HA and FA), while any interaction between these agents and the AAA servers is really not within the realm of Mobile IP design. The plus side of including the Mobile IP agents inside the AAA infrastructure is that the AAAH server can use a AAA protocol (such as Diameter) in conjunction with the PSAs that exist within the AAA infrastructure to deliver the MSA key material to the Mobile IP agents. This, however, further complicates the key management for Mobile IP signaling and is the source of confusion for most people encountering the Mobile IP-AAA specifications for the first time.
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Keys to Mobile IP agents: The Mobile IP agents are part of the AAA infrastructure. We do not want to go as far as saying these agents are AAA clients, since requiring all the AAA client functionality from the mobility agents may be too much. The HA and FAs should support accounting or authorization signaling. They simply need to be able to interact with their own AAA server and have pre-established SAs (PSAs) with the server. These PSA may even support end-to-end IPsec or TLS channels and hence the AAA server can deliver the keys to these agents through a AAA protocol either in the form of encrypted attributes or over a completely encrypted channel. Note that delivery of keys to Mobile IP agents is not defined in Mobile IP specifications and is a function that has to be supported by the AAA protocol. As we will see later in this chapter, currently only Diameter provides support for this procedure, while RADIUS at the moment has no IETF specification for this functionality. Nonces to mobile node: On the other hand, the key material for the MN is delivered through the Mobile IP agents, using extended Mobile IP signaling. However, we know that the MN initially does not have any trust relationship with these agents. In fact, the MN needs to receive these key materials to create the MSAs with the agents. This means the MN cannot trust any data it receives from these Mobile IP agents, let alone the key materials that are the very source of trust. Furthermore, the MN cannot verify whether the Mobile IP agents have actually received the key materials that they are presenting to the MN from the AAA server. Finally, the keys must be delivered to the MN in a secure manner. For all these reasons, the AAA server cannot send the full MSA keys to the MN, since the keys traverse Mobile IP agents that are not trusted by the MN. Instead the AAA server sends random nonces that are cryptographically related to the actual MSA keys to the Mobile IP agents. The MN receives these nonces from the agents through Mobile IP signaling and
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