AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access in .NET

Integrate Data Matrix barcode in .NET AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
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User Auth Request
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Diameter server
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AA Request Auth Answer Re-Auth Request Re-Auth Answer Termination Indication Session Termination Request (STR) Session Termination Answer (STA) AA Answer Re-Authentication Request Re-Authentication Answer
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Messaging exchange for Diameter NAS application
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server may indicate that further rounds of exchange are required to complete the authentication process. Note that, Diameter also allows authorization-only requests, which do not include any authentication-related data. Enabling this feature may, however, involve serious security risks, if not designed properly. Furthermore, since the corresponding functionality does not exist in RADIUS, traversal of such requests through Diameter-RADIUS translation agents (explained later on in this chapter) may lead to a failure in completion of the client server exchange regarding authorization-only requests. When the authentication or authorization exchange is completed successfully, the NAS application starts a session context. If accounting is to be implemented, an accounting message is sent to record the start of the new session. Depending on the network policies, failure in establishing accounting procedures for the session may result in failure to establish the session. The Diameter server informs the NAS about the maximum time allowed before the next re-authorization or re-authentication by using an Authorization-lifetime AVP. The session starts and the NAS application starts the session context. If accounting is required, the application needs to send accounting-related messages. The NAS may attempt re-authentication or re-authorization before the end of the authorization life time. Although the servers typically implement a grace period (Auth-Grace-period AVP) before it releases all the state information regarding the user, the server may issue unsolicited re-authorization, re-authentication requests prior to the expiration of the Authorizationlifetime to avoid a service termination. When the user indicates to the NAS that it needs to terminate an existing session, the NAS issues a session-termination-request (STR) to the Diameter server. When accounting procedures are implemented, termination of session needs also to be communicated to the server. Upon receiving and processing a valid session-termination request, the Diameter server responds with a session termination answer (STA), including a Result-Code AVP. When the session is terminated, the server will release all the resources that are tied to the session ID for the terminated session. Also all the proxy servers on the proxy chain will release any relating resources.
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Diameter: Twice the RADIUS
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7.3.3 Diameter Mobile IP Application
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When discussing Mobile IP registration, we discussed the use of AAA servers in the authentication of Mobile IP signaling messaging to the AAA server, FA and HA. However, we also mentioned that Mobile IP specifications only discuss the authentication of registration request and responses and key distribution from the AAA server to the mobile device. They do not describe how the same key material is distributed to the Mobile IP agents. Those specifications simply state that the AAA servers-mobility agents (FA and HA) interactions are handled by AAA protocols. IETF AAA WG has been working on providing specifications to use Diameter to carry out the initial authentication and key distribution required for Mobile IP signaling for quite some time [DIAMIPDR]. The specification not only provides details on authentication, but also authorization and accounting as well. For instance, it not only helps specify how the FA authenticates a mobile node that is visiting the foreign network, but also how the FA informs the mobile node s home administrative domain about the resources that the MN consumes in the foreign network. It should, however, be noted that this specification only applies to Mobile IPv4 and not Mobile IPv6. We will go through Mobile IP-AAA interactions in detail in 8 and refer the reader to that chapter for the section describing Diameter Mobile IPv4 application.
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7.3.4 Diameter EAP Support
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As mentioned in s 2 and 3, EAP provides a framework for providing authentication and access control services over many different types of access media. We also mentioned that EAP signaling between the NAS and the AAA server is carried over a AAA protocol. We briefly described encapsulation of EAP messages inside RADIUS and the RADIUS attributes used for that purpose in 6. In this section we do the same for Diameter. The details of Diameter support for EAP are provided in the Diameter EAP application specification [DIAEAPDR]. As one can imagine, since the Diameter EAP application has to do with authentication and carrying authentication-related messages between NAS and AAA servers, it is closely tied to the Diameter NASREQ application. This is to the point, that for a Diameter agent to support the EAP application, it must also support the NASREQ application. A Diameter agent may advertise its support of EAP, so that the client and NAS know whether they can engage in an EAP exchange. When a server cannot support EAP, it should allow the NAS to negotiate other authentication mechanisms such as PAP or CHAP with end user/device. The model for carrying EAP over Diameter is very similar to what was shown for RADIUSEAP interaction in the previous chapter:
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EAP messages from the NAS towards the AAA server are carried inside DiameterEAP-request messages. The EAP message itself is carried as an EAP-payload-AVP. EAP messages from the AAA server to the NAS are carried inside the DiameterEAP-answer messages. The EAP message itself is carried as an EAP-payload-AVP. The Result-Code AVP may be used to indicate additional information to the NAS, for instance, at the start of an EAP conversation, upon receiving the first EAP-request message from the NAS, the Diameter server may send a DIAMETER-MULTI-ROUND-AUTH inside the Result-Code AVP to indicate to the NAS that it is expecting further EAP-request messages regarding the ongoing authentication procedure.
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