Search Loop 2 in .NET

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Search Loop 2
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Having calculated the two distances above, you now reach an important junction in which you enter one of two search loops. Let s start by looking at the first conditional branch that jumps to ntdll.7C962541 if EDI > EDX.
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7C962541 7C962543 7C962546 7C962548 7C962549 7C96254C TEST EDX,EDX LEA EAX,DWORD PTR [ECX+4] JE SHORT ntdll.7C96254E DEC EDX MOV EAX,DWORD PTR [EAX+4] JNZ SHORT ntdll.7C962548
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This snippet checks that EDX != 0, and starts looping on elements starting with the element pointed by offset +4 of the root table data structure. Like the previous loop you ve seen, this loop also traverses the elements using offset +4 in each element. The difference with this loop is the starting pointer. The previous loop you saw started with offset + c in the root data structure, which is a
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pointer to the last element found. This loop starts with offset +4. Which element does offset +4 point to How can you tell There is one hint available. Let s see how many elements this loop traverses, and how you get to that number. The number of iterations is stored in EDX, which you got by calculating the distance between the last element in the table and the element that you re looking for. This loop takes you the distance between the end of the list and the element you re looking for. This means that offset +4 in the root structure points to the last element in the list! By taking offset +4 in each element you are going backward in the list toward the beginning. This makes sense, because in the previous loop (the one at ntdll.7C962513) you established that taking each element s offset +4 takes you backward in the list, toward the lowered-indexed elements. This loop does the same thing, except that it starts from the very end of the list. All RtlGetElementGenericTable is doing is it s trying to find the right element in the lowest possible number of iterations. By the time EDX gets to zero, you know that you ve found the element. The code then flows into ntdll.7C96254E, which you ve examined before. This is the code that caches the element you ve found into offsets +c and +10 of the root data structure. This code flows right into the area in the function that returns the pointer to our element s data to the caller. What happens when (in the previous sequence) EDI == 0, and the jump to ntdll.7C96254E is taken This simply skips the loop and goes straight to the caching of the found element, followed by returning it to the caller. In this case, the function returns the previously found element the one whose pointer is cached in offset +c of the root data structure.
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Search Loop 3
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If neither of the previous two branches is taken, you know that EDI < EDX (because you ve examined all other possible options). In this case, you know that you must move forward in the list (toward higher-indexed elements) in order to get from the cached element in offset +c to the element you are looking for. Here is the forward-searching loop:
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7C962513 7C962514 7C962517 7C962519 DEC MOV JNZ JMP ESI EAX,DWORD PTR [EAX+4] SHORT ntdll.7C962513 SHORT ntdll.7C96254E
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The most important thing to notice about this loop is that it is using a different pointer in the element s header. The backward-searching loops you encountered earlier were both using offset +4 in the element s header, and this one is using offset +0. That s really an easy one this is clearly a linked list of some sort, where offset +0 stores the NextElement pointer and offset +4 stores the PrevElement pointer. Also, this loop is using EDI as the counter,
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