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Reversing Tools
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Listing 4.1 (continued)
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DUMPBIN is distributed along with the various Microsoft software development tools such as Visual Studio .NET.
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Reversing Tools
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PEView is a powerful freeware GUI executable-dumping tool. It allows for a good GUI visualization of all important PE data structures, and also provides a raw view that shows the raw bytes of a chosen area in a file. Figure 4.13 shows a typical PEview screen. PEView can be downloaded free of charge at
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PEBrowse Professional
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PEBrowse Professional is an excellent PE-dumping tool that can also be used as a disassembler (the name may sound familiar from our earlier discussion on debuggers this not the same product, PEBrowse Professional doesn t provide any live debugging capabilities). PEBrowse Professional is capable of dumping all PE-related headers both as raw data and as structured header information. In addition to its PE dumping abilities, PEBrowse also includes a solid disassembler and a function tree view on the executable. Figure 4.14 shows PEBrowse Professional s view of an executable that includes disassembled code and a function tree window.
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Figure 4.13 A typical PEview screen for ntkrnlpa.exe.
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Figure 4.14 Screenshot of PEBrowse Professional dumping an executable and disassembling some code within it.
In this chapter I have covered the most basic tools that should be in every reverser s toolkit. You have looked at disassemblers, debuggers, systemmonitoring tools, and several other miscellaneous classes of reversing tools that are needed in certain conditions. Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to proceed to 5 to make your first attempt at a real reversing session.
Applied Reversing
Beyond the Documentation
Twenty years ago, programs could almost exist in isolation, barely having to interface with anything other than the underlying hardware, with which they frequently communicated directly. Needless to say, things have changed quite a bit since then. Nowadays the average program runs on top of a humongous operating system and communicates with dozens of libraries, often developed by a number of different people. This chapter deals with one of the most important applications of reversing: reversing for achieving interoperability. The idea is that by learning reversing techniques, software developers can more efficiently interoperate with thirdparty code (which is something every software developer does every day). That s possible because reversing provides the ultimate insight into the third-party s code it takes you beyond the documentation. In this chapter, I will be demonstrating the relatively extreme case where reversing techniques are used for learning how to use undocumented system APIs. I have chosen a relatively complex API set from the Windows native API, and I will be dissecting the functions in that API to the point where you fully understand what that each function does and how to use it. I consider this an extreme case because in many cases one does have some level of documentation it just tends to be insufficient.