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Windows Fundamentals
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A bare-bones exception handler set up sequence looks something like this:
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00411F8A 00411F8F 00411F95 00411F96 push mov push mov ExceptionHandler eax,dword ptr fs:[00000000h] eax dword ptr fs:[0],esp
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This sequence simply adds an _EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD entry into the current thread s exception handler list. The items are stored on the stack. In real-life you will rarely run into simple exception handler setup sequences such as the one just shown. That s because compilers typically augment the operating system s mechanism in order to provide support for nested exception-handling blocks and for multiple blocks within the same function. In the Microsoft compilers, this is done by routing exception to the _except_handler3 exception handler, which then calls the correct exception filter and exception handler based on the current function s layout. To implement this functionality, the compiler manages additional data structures that manage the hierarchy of exception handlers within a single function. The following is a typical Microsoft C/C++ compiler SEH installation sequence:
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00411F83 00411F85 00411F8A 00411F8F 00411F95 00411F96 push push push mov push mov 0FFFFFFFFh 425090h offset @ILT+420(__except_handler3) (4111A9h) eax,dword ptr fs:[00000000h] eax dword ptr fs:[0],esp
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As you can see, the compiler has extended the _EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD data structure and has added two new members. These members will be used by _except_handler3 to determine which handler should be called. Beyond the frame-based exception handlers, recent versions of the operating system also support a vector of exception handlers, which is a linear list of handlers that are called for every exception, regardless which code generated it. Vectored exception handlers are installed using the Win32 API AddVectored ExceptionHandler.
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This concludes our (extremely brief) journey through the architecture and internals of the Windows operating system. This chapter provides the very basics that every reverser must know about the operating system he or she is using.
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The bottom line is that knowledge of operating systems can be useful to reversers at many different levels. First of all, understanding the system s executable file format is crucial, because executable headers often pack quite a few hints regarding programs and their architectures. Additionally, having a basic understanding of how the system communicates with the outside world is helpful for effectively observing and monitoring applications using the various system monitoring tools. Finally, understanding the basic APIs offered by the operating system can be helpful in deciphering programs. Imagine an application making a sequence of system API calls. The application is essentially talking to the operating system, and the API is the language; if you understand the basics of the API in question, you can tune in to that conversation and find out what the application is saying. . . .
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If you d like to proceed to develop a better understanding of operating systems, check out Operating System, Design and Implementation by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Albert S. Woodhull [Tanenbaum2] Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull, Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 1997 for a generic study of operating systems concepts. For highly detailed information on the architecture of NT-based Windows operating systems, see Microsoft Windows Internals, Fourth Edition: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 by Mark E. Russinovich and David A. Solomon [Russinovich]. That book is undoubtedly the authoritative guide on the Windows architecture and internals.
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Reversing Tools
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Reversing is impossible without the right tools. There are hundreds of different software tools available out there that can be used for reversing, some freeware and others costing thousands of dollars. Understanding the differences between these tools and choosing the right ones is critical. There are no all-in-one reversing tools available (at least not at the time of writing). This means that you need to create your own little toolkit that will include every type of tool that you might possibly need. This chapter describes the different types of tools that are available and makes recommendations for the best products in each category. Some of these products are provided freeof-charge by their developers, while others are quite expensive. We will be looking at a variety of different types of tools, starting with basic reversing tools such as disassemblers and low-level debuggers, and proceeding to decompilers and a variety of system-monitoring tools. Finally, we will discuss some executable patching and dumping tools that can often be helpful in the reversing process. It is up to you to decide whether your reversing projects justify spending several hundreds of U.S. dollars on software. Generally, I d say that it s possible to start reversing without spending a dime on software, but some of these commercial products will certainly make your life easier.
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