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Shift and Rotate Operations
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Port 2
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Memory Loads
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Port 3
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Memory Writes
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All Memory Reads
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Address Store Operations (this component writes the address to be written into the bus, and does not send the actual data).
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Figure 2.4 Issue ports and individual execution units in Intel NetBurst processors.
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Low-Level Software
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Notice how port 0 and port 1 both have double-speed ALUs (arithmetic logical units). This is a significant aspect of IA-32 optimizations because it means that each ALU can actually perform two operations in a single clock cycle. For example, it is possible to perform up to four additions or subtractions during a single clock cycle (two in each double-speed ALU). On the other hand, nonSIMD floating-point operations are pretty much guaranteed to take at least one cycle because there is only one unit that actually performs floating-point operations (and another unit that moves data between memory and the FPU stack). Figure 2.4 can help shed light on instruction ordering and algorithms used by NetBurst-aware compilers, because it provides a rationale for certain otherwiseobscure phenomenon that we ll be seeing later on in compiler-generated code sequences. Most modern IA-32 compiler back ends can be thought of as NetBurstaware, in the sense that they take the NetBurst architecture into consideration during the code generation process. This is going to be evident in many of the code samples presented throughout this book.
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Branch Prediction
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One significant problem with the pipelined approach described earlier has to do with the execution of branches. The problem is that processors that have a deep pipeline must always know which instruction is going to be executed next. Normally, the processor simply fetches the next instruction from memory whenever there is room for it, but what happens when there is a conditional branch in the code Conditional branches are a problem because often their outcome is not known at the time the next instruction must be fetched. One option would be to simply wait before processing instructions currently in the pipeline until the information on whether the branch is taken or not becomes available. This would have a detrimental impact on performance because the processor only performs at full capacity when the pipeline is full. Refilling the pipeline takes a significant number of clock cycles, depending on the length of the pipeline and on other factors. The solution to these problems is to try and predict the result of each conditional branch. Based on this prediction the processor fills the pipeline with instructions that are located either right after the branch instruction (when the branch is not expected to be taken) or from the branch s target address (when the branch is expected to be taken). A missed prediction is usually expensive and requires that the entire pipeline be emptied. The general prediction strategy is that backward branches that jump to an earlier instruction are always expected to be taken because those are typically used in loops, where for every iteration there will be a jump, and the only time
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such branch is not be taken is in the very last iteration. Forward branches (typically used in if statements) are assumed to not be taken. In order to improve the processor s prediction abilities, IA-32 processors employ a branch trace buffer (BTB) which records the results of the most recent branch instructions processed. This way when a branch is encountered, it is searched in the BTB. If an entry is found, the processor uses that information for predicting the branch.
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In this chapter, we have introduced the concept of low-level software and gone over some basic materials required for successfully reverse engineering programs. We have covered basic high-level software concepts and how they translate into the low-level world, and introduced assembly language, which is the native language of the reversing world. Additionally, we have covered some more hard core low-level topics that often affect the reverse-engineering process, such as compilers and execution environments. The next chapter provides an introduction to some additional background materials and focuses on operating system fundamentals.
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