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Low-Level Software
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Enhanced functionality: When a program is running under a virtual machine, it can (and usually does) benefit from a wide range of enhanced features that are rarely found on real silicon processors. This can include features such as garbage collection, which is an automated system that tracks resource usage and automatically releases memory objects once they are no longer in use. Another prominent feature is runtime type safety: because virtual machines have accurate data type information on the program being executed, they can verify that type safety is maintained throughout the program. Some virtual machines can also track memory accesses and make sure that they are legal. Because the virtual machine knows the exact length of each memory block and is able to track its usage throughout the application, it can easily detect cases where the program attempts to read or write beyond the end of a memory block, and so on.
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The interesting thing about virtual machines is that they almost always have their own bytecode format. This is essentially a low-level language that is just like a hardware processor s assembly language (such as the IA-32 assembly language). The difference of course is in how such binary code is executed. Unlike conventional binary programs, in which each instruction is decoded and executed by the hardware, virtual machines perform their own decoding of the program binaries. This is what enables such tight control over everything that the program does; because each instruction that is executed must pass through the virtual machine, the VM can monitor and control any operations performed by the program.
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The distinction between bytecode and regular processor binary code has slightly blurred during the past few years. Several companies have been developing bytecode processors that can natively run bytecode languages, which were previously only supported on virtual machines. In Java, for example, there are companies such as Imsys and aJile that offer direct execution processors that directly execute the Java bytecode without the use of a virtual machine.
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The original approach for implementing virtual machines has been to use interpreters. Interpreters are programs that read a program s bytecode exe-
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cutable and decipher each instruction and execute it in a virtual environment implemented in software. It is important to understand that not only are these instructions not directly executed on the host processor, but also that the data accessed by the bytecode program is managed by the interpreter. This means that the bytecode program would not have direct access to the host CPU s registers. Any registers accessed by the bytecode would usually have to be mapped to memory by the interpreter. Interpreters have one major drawback: performance. Because each instruction is separately decoded and executed by a program running under the real CPU, the program ends up running significantly slower than it would were it running directly on the host s CPU. The reasons for this become obvious when one considers the amount of work the interpreter must carry out in order to execute a single high-level bytecode instruction. For each instruction, the interpreter must jump to a special function or code area that deals with it, determine the involved operands, and modify the system state to reflect the changes. Even the best implementation of an interpreter still results in each bytecode instruction being translated into dozens of instructions on the physical CPU. This means that interpreted programs run orders of magnitude slower than their compiled counterparts.
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Just-in-Time Compilers
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Modern virtual machine implementations typically avoid using interpreters because of the performance issues described above. Instead they employ justin-time compilers, or JiTs. Just-in-time compilation is an alternative approach for running bytecode programs without the performance penalty associated with interpreters. The idea is to take snippets of program bytecode at runtime and compile them into the native processor s machine language before running them. These snippets are then executed natively on the host s CPU. This is usually an ongoing process where chunks of bytecode are compiled on demand, whenever they are required (hence the term just-in-time).
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