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Low-Level Software
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Most compilers support the generation of listing files during the compilation process. For some compilers, such as GCC, this is a standard part of the compilation process because the compiler doesn t directly generate an object file, but instead generates an assembly language file which is then processed by an assembler. In such compilers, requesting a listing file simply means that the compiler must not delete it after the assembler is done with it. In other compilers (such as the Microsoft or Intel compilers), a listing file is an optional feature that must be enabled through the command line.
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Specific Compilers
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Any compiled code sample discussed in this book has been generated with one of three compilers (this does not include third-party code reversed in the book):
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GCC and G++ version 3.3.1: The GNU C Compiler (GCC) and GNU C++ Compiler (G++) are popular open-source compilers that generate code for a large number of different processors, including IA-32. The GNU compilers (also available for other high-level languages) are commonly used by developers working on Unix-based platforms such as Linux, and most Unix platforms are actually built using them. Note that it is also possible to write code for Microsoft Windows using the GNU compilers. The GNU compilers have a powerful optimization engine that usually produces results similar to those of the other two compilers in this list. However, the GNU compilers don t seem to have a particularly aggressive IA-32 code generator, probably because of their ability to generate code for so many different processors. On one hand, this frequently makes the IA-32 code generated by them slightly less efficient compared to some of the other popular IA-32 compilers. On the other hand, from a reversing standpoint this is actually an advantage because the code they produce is often slightly more readable, at least compared to code produced by the other compilers discussed here. Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler version 13.10.3077: The Microsoft Optimizing Compiler is one of the most common compilers for the Windows platform. This compiler is shipped with the various versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, and the specific version used throughout this book is the one shipped with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003. Intel C++ Compiler version 8.0: The Intel C/C++ compiler was developed primarily for those that need to squeeze the absolute maximum performance possible from Intel s IA-32 processors. The Intel compiler has a good optimization stage that appears to be on par with the other two compilers on this list, but its back end is where the Intel compiler
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shines. Intel has, unsurprisingly, focused on making this compiler generate highly optimized IA-32 code that takes the specifics of the Intel NetBurst architecture (and other Intel architectures) into account. The Intel compiler also supports the advanced SSE, SSE2, and SSE3 extensions offered in modern IA-32 processors.
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Execution Environments
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An execution environment is the component that actually runs programs. This can be a CPU or a software environment such as a virtual machine. Execution environments are especially important to reversers because their architectures often affect how the program is generated and compiled, which directly affects the readability of the code and hence the reversing process. The following sections describe the two basic types of execution environments, which are virtual machines and microprocessors, and describe how a program s execution environment affects the reversing process.
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Software Execution Environments (Virtual Machines)
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Some software development platforms don t produce executable machine code that directly runs on a processor. Instead, they generate some kind of intermediate representation of the program, or bytecode. This bytecode is then read by a special program on the user s machine, which executes the program on the local processor. This program is called a virtual machine. Virtual machines are always processor-specific, meaning that a specific virtual machine only runs on a specific platform. However, many bytecode formats have multiple virtual machines that allow running the same bytecode program on different platforms. Two common virtual machine architectures are the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs Java programs, and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) that runs Microsoft .NET applications. Programs that run on virtual machines have several significant benefits compared to native programs executed directly on the underlying hardware:
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Platform isolation: Because the program reaches the end user in a generic representation that is not machine-specific, it can theoretically be executed on any computer platform for which a compatible execution environment exists. The software vendor doesn t have to worry about platform compatibility issues (at least theoretically) the execution environment stands between the program and the system and encapsulates any platform-specific aspects.
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