INSTRUCTION NAME br Unconditional branch in .NET

Implementation qr codes in .NET INSTRUCTION NAME br Unconditional branch
INSTRUCTION NAME br Unconditional branch
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box Convert value type to object reference unbox Convert boxed value type to its raw form
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add Add numeric values sub Subtract numeric values mul Multiply values div Divide values
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beq Branch on equal bne Branch on not equal bge Branch on greater/equal bgt Branch on greater ble Branch on less/equal blt Branch on less than
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switch Table switch on value
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Reversing .NET
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Table 12.1 (continued) DESCRIPTION Memory allocation instruction. newarr allocates a one-dimensional array of the specified type and pushes the resulting reference (essentially a pointer) into the evaluation stack. newobj allocates an instance of the specified object type and calls the object s constructor. This instruction can receive a variable number of parameters that get passed to the constructor routine. It should be noted that neither of these instructions has a matching free instruction. That s because of the garbage collector, which tracks the object references generated by these instructions and frees the objects once the relevant references are no longer in use.
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INSTRUCTION NAME newarr Create a zero-based, one-dimensional array. newobj Create a new object
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IL Code Samples
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Let s take a look at a few trivial IL code sequences, just to get a feel for the language. Keep in mind that there is rarely a need to examine raw, nonobfuscated IL code in this manner a decompiler would provide a much more pleasing output. I m doing this for educational purposes only. The only situation in which you ll need to read raw IL code is when a program is obfuscated and cannot be properly decompiled.
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Counting Items
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The routine below was produced by ILdasm, which is the IL Disassembler included in the .NET Framework SDK. The original routine was written in C#, though it hardly matters. Other .NET programming languages would usually produce identical or very similar code. Let s start with Listing 12.1.
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.method public hidebysig static void { .entrypoint .maxstack 2 .locals init (int32 V_0) IL_0000: ldc.i4.1 Main() cil managed
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Listing 12.1 A sample IL program generated from a .NET executable by the ILdasm disassembler program. (continued)
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IL_0001: IL_0002: IL_0004: IL_0005: IL_000a: IL_000b: IL_000c: IL_000d: IL_000e: IL_000f: IL_0011:
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stloc.0 br.s ldloc.0 call ldloc.0 ldc.i4.1 add stloc.0 ldloc.0 ldc.i4.s ble.s
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void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(int32)
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10 IL_0004
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IL_0013: ret } // end of method App::Main
Listing 12.1 (continued)
Listing 12.1 starts with a few basic definitions regarding the method listed. The method is specified as .entrypoint, which means that it is the first code executed when the program is launched. The .maxstack statement specifies the maximum number of items that this routine loads into the evaluation stack. Note that the specific item size is not important here don t assume 32 bits or anything of the sort; it is the number of individual items, regardless of their size. The following line defines the method s local variables. This function only has a single int32 local variable, named V_0. Variable names are one thing that is usually eliminated by the compiler (depending on the specific compiler). The routine starts with the ldc instruction, which loads the constant 1 onto the evaluation stack. The next instruction, stloc.0, pops the value from the top of the stack into local variable number 0 (called V_0), which is the first (and only) local variable in the program. So, we ve effectively just loaded the value 1 into our local variable V_0. Notice how this sequence is even longer than it would have been in native IA-32 code; we need two instructions to load a constant into local variable. The CLR is a stack machine everything goes through the evaluation stack. The procedure proceeds to jump unconditionally to address IL_000e. The target instruction is specified using a relative address from the end of the current one. The specific branch instruction used here is br.s, which is the short version, meaning that the relative address is specified using a single byte. If the distance between the current instruction and the target instruction was larger than 255 bytes, the compiler would have used the regular br instruction, which uses an int32 to specify the relative jump address. This short form is employed to make the code as compact as possible.