Activation Records in .NET

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Activation Records
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Activation records are data elements that represent the state of the currently running function, much like a stack frame in native programs. An activation record contains the parameters passed to the current function along with all the local variables in that function. For each function call a new activation record is allocated and initialized. In most cases, the CLR allocates activation records on the stack, which means that they are essentially the same thing as the stack frames you ve worked with in native assembly language code. The IL instruction set includes special instructions that access the current activation record for both function parameters and local variables (see below). Activation records are automatically allocated by the IL instruction call.
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IL Instructions
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Let s go over the most common and interesting IL instructions, just to get an idea of the language and what it looks like. Table 12.1 provides descriptions for some of the most popular instructions in the IL instruction set. Note that the instruction set contains over 200 instructions and that this is nowhere near a
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Reversing .NET
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complete reference. If you re looking for detailed information on the individual instructions please refer to the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specifications document, partition III [ECMA].
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Table 12.1 A summary of the most common IL instructions. DESCRIPTION Load and store local variables to and from the evaluation stack. Since no other instructions deal with local variables directly, these instructions are needed for transferring values between the stack and local variables. ldloc loads a local variable onto the stack, while stloc pops the value currently at the top of the stack and loads it into the specified variable. These instructions take a local variable index that indicates which local variable should be accessed. Load and store arguments to and from the evaluation stack. These instructions provide access to the argument region in the current activation record. Notice that starg allows a method to write back into an argument slot, which is a somewhat unusual operation. Both instructions take an index to the argument requested. Field access instructions. These instructions access data fields (members) in classes and load or store values from them. ldfld reads a value from the object currently referenced at the top of the stack. The output value is of course pushed to the top of the stack. stfld writes the value from the second position on the stack into a field in the object referenced at the top of the stack. Load a constant into the evaluation stack. This is how constants are used in IL ldc loads the constant into the stack where it can be accessed by any instruction. These instructions call and return from a method. call takes arguments from the evaluation stack, passes them to the called routine and calls the specified routine. The return value is placed at the top of the stack when the method completes and ret returns to the caller, while leaving the return value in the evaluation stack. (continued)
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INSTRUCTION NAME ldloc Load local variable onto the stack stloc Pop value from stack to local variable
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ldarg Load argument onto the stack starg Store a value in an argument slot
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ldfld Load field of an object stfld Store into a field of an object
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ldc Load numeric constant
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call Call a method ret Return from a method
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Table 12.1 (continued) DESCRIPTION Unconditionally branch into the specified instruction. This instruction uses the short format br.s, where the jump offset is 1 byte long. Otherwise, the jump offset is 4 bytes long. These two instructions convert a value type to an object reference that contains type identification information. Essentially box constructs an object of the specified type that contains a copy of the value type that was passed through the evaluation stack. unbox destroys the object and copies its contents back to a value type. Basic arithmetic instructions for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. These instructions use the first two values in the evaluation stack as operands and can transparently deal with any supported numeric type, integer or floating point. All of these instructions pop their arguments from the stack and then push the result in. Conditional branch instructions. Unlike IA-32 instructions, which require one instruction for the comparison and another for the conditional branch, these instructions perform the comparison operation on the two top items on the stack and branch based on the result of the comparison and the specific conditional code specified. Table switch instruction. Takes an int32 describing how many case blocks are present, followed by a list of relative addresses pointing to the various case blocks. The first address points to case 0, the second to case 1, etc. The value that the case block values are compared against is popped from the top of the stack.
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