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The next step is to create a little program that contains a copy of the encrypted code (which you can rip directly from OllyDbg s data window) and decrypts the code using every possible key from 0 to FFFFFFFF. With each decrypted block the program must search for the token that 7-byte sequence you just prepared . As soon as you find that sequence in a decrypted block, you know that you ve found the correct decryption key. This is a pretty short block so it s unlikely that you d find the token in the wrong decrypted block. You start by determining the starting address and exact length of the encrypted block. Both addresses are loaded into local variables early in the decryption sequence:
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00401D2C 00401D31 00401D32 00401D35 00401D3A 00401D3B PUSH Defender.00401E32 POP EAX MOV DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-14],EAX PUSH Defender.00401EB6 POP EAX MOV DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-C],EAX
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Breaking Protections
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In this sequence, the first value pushed into the stack is the starting address of the encrypted data and the second value pushed is the ending address. You go to Olly s dump window and dump data starting at 401E32. Now, you need to create a brute-forcer program and copy that decrypted data into it. Before you actually write the program, you need to get a better understanding of the encryption algorithm used by Defender. A quick glance at a decryption sequence shows that it s not just XORing the key against each DWORD in the code. It s also XORing each 32-bit block with the previous unencrypted block. This is important because it means the decryption process must begin at the same position in the data where encryption started otherwise the decryption process will generate corrupted data. We now have enough information to write our little decryption loop for the brute-forcer program.
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for (DWORD dwCurrentBlock = 0; dwCurrentBlock <= dwBlockCount; dwCurrentBlock++) { dwDecryptedData[dwCurrentBlock] = dwEncryptedData[dwCurrentBlock] ^ dwCurrentKey; dwDecryptedData[dwCurrentBlock] ^= dwPrevBlock; dwPrevBlock = dwEncryptedData[dwCurrentBlock]; }
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This loop must be executed for each key! After decryption is completed you search for your token in the decrypted block. If you find it, you ve apparently hit the correct key. If not, you increment your key by one and try to decrypt and search for the token again. Here s the token searching logic.
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PBYTE pbCurrent = (PBYTE) memchr(dwDecryptedData, Sequence[0], sizeof(dwEncryptedData)); while (pbCurrent) { if (memcmp(pbCurrent, Sequence, sizeof(Sequence)) == 0) { printf ( Found our sequence! Key is 0x%08x.\n , dwCurrentKey); _exit(1); } pbCurrent++; pbCurrent = (PBYTE) memchr(pbCurrent, Sequence[0], sizeof(dwEncryptedData) - (pbCurrent - (PBYTE) dwDecryptedData)); }
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Realizing that all of this must be executed 4,294,967,296 times, you can start to see why this is going to take a little while to complete. Now, consider that this is merely a 32-bit key! A 64-bit key would have taken 4,294,967,296 _ 232 iterations to complete. At 4,294,967,296 iterations per-minute, it would still take about 8,000 years to go over all possible keys.
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Now, all that s missing is the encrypted data and the token sequence. Here are the two arrays you re dealing with here:
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DWORD dwEncryptedData[] = { 0x5AA37BEB, 0xD7321D42, 0x1DE51172, 0x8BDBD150, 0x5DD701F9, 0xE11679A6, 0xD6F355EE, 0xE401D07F, 0x10133778, 0x22594B07, 0xB016083D, 0x8A4C8DAC, 0x140D1DF4, 0xE8CE15C5, 0x42FB734C, 0xF34DF691, 0xCDC6C492, 0x5BF8458B, 0x2618DDF9, 0xBB2954C1, 0x501CD9A0, 0x10C218A5, 0x1E134B78, 0x1BB759E3, 0x47326D27, 0xAB07368B, 0x8B55C3C9 }; 0x2F1794E3, 0x678CB4E3, 0x685251B9, 0x22593307, 0xC5093727, 0x550A5611, 0xF3F1AD7D, 0xE5B2080F,
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unsigned char Sequence[] = {0xC7, 0x45, 0xFC, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 };
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At this point you re ready to build this program and run it (preferably with all compiler optimizations enabled, to quicken the process as much as possible). After a few minutes, you get the following output.
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Found our sequence! Key is 0xb14ac01a.
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Very nice! It looks like you found what you were looking for. B14AC01A is our key. This means that the correct serial can be calculated using Serial=LOW PART(NameSerial) * VolumeSerial B14AC01A. The question now is why is the serial 64 bits long Is it possible that the upper 32 bits are unused Let s worry about that later. For now, you can create a little keygen program that will calculate a NameSerial and this algorithm and give you a (hopefully) valid serial number that you can feed into Defender. The algorithm is quite trivial. Converting a name string to a 64-bit number is done using the algorithm described in Figure 11.16. Here s a C implementation of that algorithm.
__int64 NameToInt64(LPWSTR pwszName) { __int64 Result = 0; int iPosition = 0; while (*pwszName) { Result += (__int64) *pwszName << (__int64) (*pwszName % 48); pwszName++; iPosition++; } return Result; }
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