ordinal hint RVA name . . 70 3E 000161CA LdrLoadDll in .NET

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ordinal hint RVA name . . 70 3E 000161CA LdrLoadDll
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The API being called is LdrLoadDll, which is the native API equivalent of LoadLibrary. You already know which DLL is being loaded because you saw the string earlier: KERNEL32.DLL.
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Breaking Protections
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After KERNEL32.DLL is loaded, Defender goes through the familiar sequence of allocating a random address in memory and produces the same name checksum/RVA table from all the KERNEL32.DLL exports. After the copied module is ready for use the function makes one other call to NtDelay Execution for good luck and then you get to another funny jump that skips 30 bytes or so. Dumping the memory that immediately follows the CALL instruction as text reveals the following:
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00404138 00404140 00404148 00404150 00404158 00404160 44 20 20 72 79 45 65 56 31 69 20 69 66 65 2E 74 45 6C 65 72 30 74 6C 61 6E 73 20 65 64 6D 64 69 2D 6E 61 65 6F 20 20 64 72 6E 57 62 20 Defender Version 1.0 - W ritten b y Eldad Eilam
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Finally, you re looking at something familiar. This is Defender s welcome message, and Defender is obviously preparing to print it out. The CALL instruction skips the string and takes us to the following code.
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00404167 0040416A PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[ESP] CALL Defender.004012DF
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The code is taking the return address pushed by the CALL instruction and pushes it into the stack (even though it was already in the stack) and calls a function. You don t even have to look inside this function (which is undoubtedly full of indirect calls to copied KERNEL32.DLL code) to know that this function is going to be printing that welcome message that you just pushed into the stack. You just step over it and unsurprisingly Defender prints its welcome message.
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Reencrypting the Function
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Immediately afterward you have yet another call to 6DEF20 NtDelay Execution and that brings us to what seems to be the end of this function. OllyDbg shows us the following code:
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004041E2 004041E7 004041ED 004041F4 004041F9 004041FA 004041FB 004041FD 004041FE 004041FF 00404200 00404201 MOV EAX,Defender.004041FD MOV DWORD PTR DS:[4034D6],EAX MOV DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-8],0 JMP Defender.00403401 LODS DWORD PTR DS:[ESI] DEC EDI ADC AL,0F2 POP EDI POP ESI POP EBX LEAVE RETN
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If you look closely at the address that the JMP at 004041F4 is going to you ll notice that it s very far from where you are at the moment right at the beginning of this function actually. To refresh your memory, here s the code at that location:
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00403401 00403405 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-8],0 JE SHORT Defender.0040346D
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You may or may not remember this, but the line immediately preceding 00403401 was setting [EBP-8] to 1, which seemed a bit funny considering it was immediately checked. Well, here s the answer there is encrypted code at the end of the function that sets this variable to zero and jumps back to that same position. Since the conditional jump is taken this time, you land at 40346D, which is a sequence that appears to be very similar to the decryption sequence you studied in the beginning. Still, it is somewhat different, and observing its effect in the debugger reveals the obvious: it is reencrypting the code in this function. There s no reason to get into the details of this logic, but there are several details that are worth mentioning. After the encryption sequence ends, the following code is executed:
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004034D0 004034D5 004034DA 004034DB MOV DWORD PTR DS:[406008],EAX PUSH Defender.004041FD POP EBX JMP EBX
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The first line saves the value in EAX into a global variable. EAX seems to contain some kind of a checksum of the encrypted code. Also, the PUSH, POP, JMP sequence is the exact same code that originally jumped into the decrypted code, only it has been modified to jump to the end of the function.
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