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loc_404257: cmp jz add mov loc_404260: cmp jnz xor loc_404266:
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; CODE XREF: start+30_j eax, edi short loc_404283 ecx, 8 eax, [ecx] ; CODE XREF: start+23_j eax, esi short loc_404257 eax, eax
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; CODE XREF: start+5A_j lea ecx, [ebp+var_8] push ecx push esi mov [ebp+var_8], esi mov [ebp+var_4], esi call eax call loc_404202 mov eax, dword_406000 mov ecx, eax mov eax, [eax] jmp short loc_404297 ; ---------------------------------------------------; CODE XREF: start+27_j mov eax, [ecx+4] add eax, dword_40601C jmp short loc_404266 ; ---------------------------------------------------loc_40428E: cmp jz add mov loc_404297: cmp jnz xor loc_40429D: lea push push mov ; CODE XREF: start+67_j eax, edi short loc_4042BA ecx, 8 eax, [ecx] ; CODE XREF: start+4F_j eax, esi short loc_40428E eax, eax ; CODE XREF: start+91_j ecx, [ebp+var_8] ecx esi [ebp+var_8], esi loc_404283:
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Listing 11.6 (continued)
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Breaking Protections
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mov [ebp+var_4], esi call eax call loc_401746 mov eax, dword_406000 mov ecx, eax mov eax, [eax] jmp short loc_4042CE ; ---------------------------------------------------; CODE XREF: start+5E_j mov eax, [ecx+4] add eax, dword_40601C jmp short loc_40429D ; ---------------------------------------------------loc_4042C5: cmp jz add mov loc_4042CE: cmp jnz xor loc_4042D4: ; CODE XREF: start+9E_j eax, edi short loc_4042F5 ecx, 8 eax, [ecx] ; CODE XREF: start+86_j eax, esi short loc_4042C5 ecx, ecx loc_4042BA:
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; CODE XREF: start+CC_j lea eax, [ebp+var_8] push eax push esi mov [ebp+var_8], esi mov [ebp+var_4], esi call ecx call loc_402082 call ds:IsDebuggerPresent xor eax, eax pop edi inc eax pop esi leave retn 8 ; ---------------------------------------------------loc_4042F5: mov add jmp endp ; CODE XREF: start+95_j ecx, [ecx+4] ecx, dword_40601C short loc_4042D4
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Listing 11.6 (continued)
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Listing 11.6 shows Defender s entry point function. A quick scan of the function reveals one important property the entry point is not a common runtime library initialization routine. Even if you ve never seen a runtime library initialization routine before, you can be pretty sure that it doesn t end with a call to IsDebuggerPresent. While we re on that call, look at how EAX is being XORed against itself as soon as it returns its return value is being ignored! A quick look in shows us that IsDebugger Present should return a Boolean specifying whether a debugger is present or not. XORing EAX right after this API returns means that the call is meaningless. Anyway, let s go back to the top of Listing 11.6 and learn something about Defender, starting with a call to 402EA8. Let s take a look at what it does.
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mf85n:00402EA8 sub_402EA8 .h3mf85n:00402EA8 .h3mf85n:00402EA8 var_4 .h3mf85n:00402EA8 .h3mf85n:00402EA8 .h3mf85n:00402EA9 .h3mf85n:00402EAF .h3mf85n:00402EB2 .h3mf85n:00402EB5 .h3mf85n:00402EB8 .h3mf85n:00402EBB .h3mf85n:00402EBD .h3mf85n:00402EC0 .h3mf85n:00402EC1 .h3mf85n:00402EC1 sub_402EA8 proc near = dword ptr -4 push mov mov mov mov mov mov mov pop retn endp ecx eax, large fs:30h [esp+4+var_4], eax eax, [esp+4+var_4] eax, [eax+0Ch] eax, [eax+0Ch] eax, [eax] eax, [eax+18h] ecx
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The preceding routine starts out with an interesting sequence that loads a value from fs:30h. Generally in NT-based operating systems the fs register is used for accessing thread local information. For any given thread, fs:0 points to the local TEB (Thread Environment Block) data structure, which contains a plethora of thread-private information required by the system during runtime. In this case, the function is accessing offset +30. Luckily, you have detailed symbolic information in Windows from which you can obtain information on what offset +30 is in the TEB. You can do that by loading symbols for NTDLL in WinDbg and using the DT command (for more information on WinDbg and the DT command go to the Microsoft Debugging Tools Web page at The structure listing for the TEB is quite long, so I ll just list the first part of it, up to offset +30, which is the one being accessed by the program.
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+0x000 +0x01c +0x020 +0x028 NtTib : EnvironmentPointer ClientId : ActiveRpcHandle : _NT_TIB : Ptr32 Void _CLIENT_ID Ptr32 Void
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