Reversing Malware in .NET

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Reversing Malware
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confusion for human reversers that attempt to analyze the metamorphic program. Function Order The order in which functions are stored in the module matters very little to the program at runtime, and randomizing it can make the program somewhat more difficult to identify. To summarize, by combining all of the previously mentioned techniques (and possibly a few others), metamorphic engines can create some truly flexible malware that can be very difficult to locate and identify.
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Establishing a Secure Environment
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The remainder of this chapter is dedicated to describe a reversing session of an actual malicious program. I ve intentionally made the discussion quite detailed, so that readers who aren t properly set up to try this at home won t have to. I would only recommend that you try this out if you can allocate a dedicated machine that is not connected to any network, either local or the Internet. It is also possible to use a virtual machine product such as Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare Workstation, but you must make sure the virtual machine is completely detached from the host and from the Internet. If your virtual machine is connected to a network, make sure that network is connected to neither the Internet nor the host. If you need to transfer any executables (such as the malicious program itself) from your primary system into the test system you should use a recordable CD or DVD, just to make sure the malicious program can t replicate itself into that disc and infect other systems. Also, when you store the malicious program on your hard drive or on a recordable CD, it might be wise to rename it with a nonexecutable extension, so that it doesn t get accidentally launched. The Backdoor.Hacarmy.D dissected in the following pages can be downloaded at this book s Web site at
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The Backdoor.Hacarmy.D
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The Trojan/Backdoor.Hacarmy.D is the program I ve chosen as our malware case study. It is relatively simple malware that is reasonably easy to reverse, and most importantly, it lacks any automated self-replication mechanisms. This is important because it means that there is no risk of this program spreading further because of your attempts to study it. Keep in mind that this is no reason to skimp on the security measures I discussed in the previous section. This is still a malicious program, and as such it should be treated with respect.
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The program is essentially a Trojan because it is frequently distributed as an innocent picture file. The file is called a variety of names. My particular copy was named Webcam Shots.scr. The SCR extension is reserved for screen savers, but screensavers are really just regular programs; you could theoretically create a word processor with an .scr extension it would work just fine. The reason this little trick is effective is that some programs (such as e-mail clients) stupidly give these files a little bitmap icon instead of an application icon, so the user might actually think that they re pictures, when in fact they are programs. One trivial solution is to simply display a special alert that notifies the user when an executable is being downloaded via Web or e-mail. The specific file name that is used for distributing this file really varies. In some e-mail messages (typically sent to news groups) the program is disguised as a picture of soccer star David Beckham, while other messages claim that the file contains proof that Nick Berg, an American civilian who was murdered in Iraq in May of 2004, is still alive. In all messages, the purpose of both the message and the file name is to persuade the unsuspecting user to open the attachment and activate the backdoor.
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