Auditing Program Binaries in .NET

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Auditing Program Binaries
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In order to illustrate what this problem actually looks like in the code, I have listed parts of the vulnerable code here. These listings are obviously incomplete these functions are way too long to be included in their entirety.
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The function that actually contains the overflow bug is CVariableSet:: AddExtensionControlBlock, which is implemented in idq.dll. Listing 7.2 contains a partial listing (I have eliminated some irrelevant portions of it) of that function. Notice that we have the exact name of this function and of other internal, nonexported functions inside this module. idq.dll is considered part of the operating system and so symbols are available. The printed code was taken from a Windows Server 2000 system with no service packs, but there are quite a few versions of the operating system that contained the vulnerable code, including Service Packs 1, 2, and 3 for Windows 2000 Server.
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idq!CVariableSet::AddExtensionControlBlock: 6e90065c mov eax,0x6e906af8 6e900661 call idq!_EH_prolog (6e905c30) 6e900666 sub esp,0x1d0 6e90066c push ebx 6e90066d xor eax,eax 6e90066f push esi 6e900670 push edi 6e900671 mov [ebp-0x24],ecx 6e900674 mov [ebp-0x2c],eax 6e900677 mov [ebp-0x28],eax 6e90067a mov [ebp-0x4],eax 6e90067d mov eax,[ebp+0x8] . . . 6e9006b7 mov esi,[eax+0x64] 6e9006ba or ecx,0xffffffff 6e9006bd mov edi,esi . . . 6e9007b7 push 0x3d 6e9007b9 push edi 6e9007ba mov [ebp-0x18],edi 6e9007bd call dword ptr [idq!_imp__strchr (6e8f111c)]
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Listing 7.2 Disassembled listing of CVariableSet::AddExtensionControlBlock from idq.dll. (continued)
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mov pop test pop je sub push push mov inc call mov pop test pop jz cmp jnb inc jmp mov sub inc mov jmp mov sub add mov cmp jb mov xor mov lea push push mov call mov push lea push lea push push call xor
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esi,eax ecx esi,esi ecx 6e9008d2 eax,edi 0x26 edi [ebp-0x20],eax esi dword ptr [idq!_imp__strchr (6e8f111c)] edi,eax ecx edi,edi ecx 6e9007fa edi,esi 6e9007f0 edi 6e9008e4 eax,edi eax,esi edi [ebp-0x14],eax 6e900804 eax,[ebp-0x10] eax,esi eax,ebx [ebp-0x14],eax dword ptr [ebp-0x20],0x190 6e900828 eax,0x80040e14 ecx,ecx [ebp-0x3c],eax eax,[ebp-0x3c] 0x6e9071b8 eax [ebp-0x38],ecx idq!_CxxThrowException (6e905c36) eax,[ebp+0x8] dword ptr [eax+0x8] eax,[ebp-0x1dc] eax eax,[ebp-0x20] eax dword ptr [ebp-0x18] idq!DecodeURLEscapes (6e9060be) ecx,ecx
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Listing 7.2 (continued)
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Auditing Program Binaries
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cmp jnz mov push mov lea push mov call lea push call lea push call mov pop add mov add push call mov mov mov push push lea push push call cmp jz push call mov lea push lea mov push call push and call jmp test jz
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[ebp-0x20],ecx 6e900861 eax,0x80040e14 0x6e9071b8 [ebp-0x44],eax eax,[ebp-0x44] eax [ebp-0x40],ecx idq!_CxxThrowException (6e905c36) eax,[ebp-0x1dc] eax idq!DecodeHtmlNumeric (6e9060b8) eax,[ebp-0x1dc] eax dword ptr [idq!_imp___wcsupr (6e8f1148)] eax,[ebp-0x14] ecx eax,0x2 [ebp-0x30],eax eax,eax eax idq!ciNew (6e905f86) [ebp-0x34],eax ecx,[ebp+0x8] byte ptr [ebp-0x4],0x2 dword ptr [ecx+0x8] eax eax,[ebp-0x14] eax esi idq!DecodeURLEscapes (6e9060be) dword ptr [ebp-0x14],0x0 6e9008b2 dword ptr [ebp-0x34] idq!DecodeHtmlNumeric (6e9060b8) ecx,[ebp-0x24] edx,[ebp-0x34] edx edx,[ebp-0x1dc] eax,[ecx] edx dword ptr [eax] dword ptr [ebp-0x34] byte ptr [ebp-0x4],0x0 idq!ciDelete (6e905f8c) 6e9008e4 edi,edi 6e9008ec
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Listing 7.2 (continued)
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edi 0x26 edi dword ptr [idq!_imp__strchr (6e8f111c)] ecx edi,eax ecx edi,edi 6e9007ae dword ptr [ebp-0x2c] dword ptr [ebp-0x4],0xffffffff idq!ciDelete (6e905f8c) ecx,[ebp-0xc] edi esi fs:[00000000],ecx ebx 0x4
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Listing 7.2 (continued)
CVariableSet::AddExtensionControlBlock starts with the setting up of an exception handler entry and then subtracts ESP by 0x1d0 (464 bytes) to make room for local variables. One can immediately suspect that a significant chunk of data is about to be copied into this stack space few functions use 464 bytes worth of local variables. In the first snippet the point of interest is the loading of EAX, which is loaded with the value of the first parameter (from [ebp+0x8]). A quick investigation with WinDbg reveals that CVariableSet:: AddExtensionControlBlock is called from HttpExtensionProc, which is a documented callback that s used by IIS for communicating with ISAPI DLLs. A quick trip to the Platform SDK reveals that HttpExtension Proc receives a single parameter, which is a pointer to an EXTENSION_ CONTROL_BLOCK structure. In the interest of preserving the earth s forests, I skip several pages of irrelevant code and get to the three lines at 6e9006b7, where offset +64 from EAX is loaded into ESI and then finally into EDI. Offset +64 in EXTENSION_CONTROL_BLOCK is the lpszQueryString member, which is exactly what we re after. The instruction at 6e9007ba stores EDI into [ebp-0x18] (where it remains), and then the code goes to look for character 0x3d within the string using strchr. Character 0x3d is = , so the function is clearly looking for the end of the string I m currently dealing with (the = character is used as a separator in these request strings). If strchr finds the character the function proceeds to calculate the distance between the character found and the beginning of