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The first such facility is overloaded functions Functions that provide a common operation but that operate on different data types and require differing implementations may share a common name For example, functions for printing values of different types, such as integers, strings, and so on, can all be named print() This capability eases the use of functions, because programmers do not have to remember different function names for a same operation The compiler selects the appropriate function to call using the type of the function arguments 9 discusses how overloaded functions are declared and used and how, given a function call, the compiler selects a function in a set of overloaded functions A second facility supported in C++ to ease the use of functions is function templates A function template is a generic function definition that is used to automatically generate an infinite set of function definitions that vary by type but whose implementations remain invariant 10 describes how function templates are defined and used to automatically generate, or instantiate, function definitions The functions within a program communicate by receiving values (or parameters) and by returning values This mechanism may prove inadequate, however, when an extraordinary situation, or program anomaly, is encountered during the execution of a program Such a situation, called a program exception, requires immediate attention and requires that a function quickly communicate to its calling functions that an exception has occurred C++ provides an exception handling facility to allow communication between functions in these extraordinary circumstances Exception handling is presented in 11 Finally, the C++ standard library provides an extensive collection of often-used functions called generic algorithms 12 describes the generic algorithms provided by the C++ standard library and examines how they interact with the container types of 6 as well as the built-in array type
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Now that we have seen how to declare variables ( 3) and how to write expressions ( 4) and statements ( 5), this chapter looks at how to group these program components in function definitions to facilitate the reuse of these components within a program This chapter describes how to declare and define functions as well as how to invoke them within our programs This chapter presents the different kinds of function parameters that a function can receive and discusses the properties of each kind It also presents the different kinds of values a function can return We then examine four special kinds of functions: inline functions, recursive functions, non-C++ functions declared with linkage directives, and the function main() We end this chapter with the introduction of a more advanced topic: function pointers
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A function can be thought of as a user-defined operation In general, a function is represented by a name The operands of a function, referred to as its parameters, are specified in a comma-separated parameter list enclosed in parentheses The result of a function is referred to as its return value, and the type of the return value is called the function return type A function that does not yield a value has a return type of void, meaning that it returns nothing The actions a function performs are specified in the body of the function The function body is enclosed in braces and is sometimes referred to as the function block The function return type followed by the name of the function, the parameter list, and the function body compose the function definition Here are some examples of function definitions:
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inline int abs( int iobj ) { // return the absolute value of iobj return( iobj < 0 -iobj : iobj ); } inline int min( int p1, int p2 ) { // return the smaller of two values
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