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<Scene/> with time of observation. There are myriad uncertainties and frame alignment challenges for a <Scene/> integration algorithm to restart a <Scene/> after it has been lost for a threshold period of time (e.g., a minute, to prevent thrashing hypothesized new scenes when GPS is aky). Scenes and Microworlds The CRA does not specify linkages across scenes, but postulates microworlds and linkages among microworlds, with some CRA <Self/> exemplars. To preserve LCS, a new scene may be formed when a new <Sketch/> needs to be generated; for example, because the <Place/> has changed, the <Self/> has no anchor points, the <Self/> senses movement along a <Path/>, or the con guration of an <interior/> has changed through actions like rearranging the furniture. Thus, <Home/> would be a microworld with each <Room/> and separate space as a <Scene/> with an associated LCS <Sketch/>. Time Structures Perception Into Observations and <Paths/> Perception at a speci ed time is an <Observation/>, asserted into the current <Scene/> as it is perceived. If suf cient time passes, a watchdog timer terminates reasoning over unrecognizable features linked to the <Scene/> to manage combinatorial explosion. In a sequence <Vision Time = 38394.5066235451> <Tree/> <Grass/> </Vision> and <Vision Time = 38394.5067583321> <House/> </Vision> the time tag enables the cognition system to construct a space time path with trees, grass, and a house. If the AACR knew from the in-car BlueTooth that it had just been in a car, it can construct an embryonic <Path/>: Expression 11-2 Embryonic Path From Car to House
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<Path> <Place> Car </Place> <Time t = 0> <Scene ID = <Owner s-car/>/> </Time> <Time t = 1> <Tree/> <Grass/> </Time> <Time t = 2> <House/> </Time> <Where /> </Path> The path has not yet ended, so it terminates with the concept <Where />, asserting that the end of the path is not known. Such RXML paths can be traversed in either forward or reverse directions and when something is recognized to complete a loop, the AACR knows the <Path/> along the loop. By counting the reoccurrence of such paths, the AACR learns user paths through simple reinforcement. In the primal loop <Home/> <Car/> <Work/> <Car/> <Home/>, there are many small loops, for example, from car to <Grass/>, <House/> and back. Novelty Suggests Scene Boundary Hypotheses If the perception system detects strong <Novel/> features of a known <Class/> of <Scene/>, a new <Scene/> may be asserted as a KO for subsequent AML
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to balance the combinatorial explosion of recognition processing against isochronous interaction with the <User/>. Expression 11-3 Owner Enters Home for the First Time
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<Scene ID = 2> <Vision Time = 2/11/2005 12:20:59/> <Novel> <Thing> <Chair> <Position> <Distance> 4.5 <Meters/> </Distance> </Position> <Color> Brown </Color> </Chair> <Floor> <Position> <Distance> 2 <Meters/> </Distance> </Position> </Floor> <Couch> <Position> <Distance> 3 <Meters/> </Distance> </Position> <Color> Brown </Color> </Novel> </Thing> <Unrecognized> <Blob> 3242 <Color> RGB . . . </Blob> </Unrecognized> </Vision> <Speech Time = 2/11/2005 12:20:59> <Transcript> hi honey . . . I m home </Transcript> <LCS> <Thing> honey </Thing> <State> I m </State> <Place> home </Place> </LCS> <Speaker ID = <User> Joe </User> </Speech> <Place> <Hypothesis> <home/> 0.25 </Hypothesis> </Place> </Scene> A ood of <Novel/> <Thing/>s of known types reinforces the hypothesis that the <Scene/> has changed, for a new <Scene ID/>. Although still computationally intensive, vision algorithms can detect, recognize, and track known types of objects in such visual scenes to yield a <Sketch/> of <Novel/> but recognizable new <Thing/>s. As the <User/> moves through the scene, some previously unrecognized <Blob/>s may be recognized, causing the recognized <Thing/> to be asserted and the <Novel/> <Blob/> to be retracted. As a new owner proceeds to different rooms of the house, new <Wall/>, <Picture/>, <Door/>, <Window/>, and related interior <Things/> and <People/> will be sensed. Over time, with reinforcement and with <Sleep/> cycles, the AACR with evolved UKOs and UDHs for aggregating <Scenes/> repeatedly experienced over time may converge on <Home/> <Scenes/> populated with <Things/> and transited by <People/> and other animate entities like pets, some of which the AACR will assist with information access via typical conversations that reoccur in the scene. Awareness can be thought of as a process of mutually resolving noisy and con icting sensory perceptions across auditory, visual, and navigation sensors into a data structure that describes a very complex scene in terms computationally workable for use cases such as a LCS <Sketch/>. Scenes and the microworlds that they describe vary over time, yet, the iCR must generate plans, make decisions, and take appropriate information access actions on
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