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are in the public domain and features that are not. It should use that knowledge to detect JTIDS to avoid or interoperate. CDMA Knowledge Chunk The most widely deployed DSSS air interfaces today are the CDMA mobile cellular standard, IS-95, CDMA-2000 (2.5G), and WCDMA (3G). IS-95 has a 1.2288 MHz chip rate, supporting 64 subscribers plus signaling and control in a 1.25 MHz bandwidth. Smart antennas compensate for multipath [180]. The 3G CDMA standards offer spreading rates up to 20 MHz, alternate synchronization schemes, more ef cient vocoding, time domain duplexing, and MIMO. Using That Knowledge: The CDMA-expert CR should assist a CDMA technician in setting up and tuning a CDMA network. GSM Knowledge Chunk GSM s TDMA air interface predominates global cellular bands (450, 900, and 1800 MHz), with the transition from 2G-GPRS to EDGE and 3G on-going. Using That Knowledge: The GSM-expert CR can diagnose the GSM air interface for services of interest, but for which the CR s SDR personalities are not suited, such as web browsing, displaying video clips, or tracking a location on a map. It autonomously seeks network services via GSM control channels, pattern matching to detect EDGE and 3G such as 16 QAM channel symbols, adapting its air interface for maximum QoI. Law Enforcement Knowledge Chunk Relatively simple FH and FH/DSSS hybrids are used in UHF for voice privacy, for example, by government and law enforcement organizations. APCO recommends air interfaces for law enforcement, such as APCO Study 1 1 1 Group 25 standards for 12 , 8 , and 6 kHz in 25 kHz legacy channels. 2 3 4 Using That Knowledge: The law-enforcement CR should be capable of explaining the difference between an unrestricted law enforcement air interface such as UHF push to talk and a private air interface. It should apply APCO 25 to instantiate the waveform template for interoperability. It should determine from a trusted authority whether its user is a law enforcement of cial and should limit the use of security modes to authorized personnel. 7.6.4 UHF Services and Systems
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UHF service band allocations [3] include mobile cellular (450, 850, 900, 1900, 2400 MHz), SATCOM, maritime satellite (1535 MHz), and aeronautical users. Antenna types include log-periodic, parabolic re ector, and discone
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array. Illustrative systems include the Marconi, Canada AN/GRC-103(V) Relay (220 MHz to 1.85 GHz, 15 30 W, 4 60 channels, PCM, DeltaMod FDM, 31 kg), and the FHM9104 Digital Radio Link Terminal (600 960 MHz and 1.35 2.1 GHz, 0.5 W, 10 channels, 45 kg) from SAT Paris [172]. SDR products have been developed by AirNet, MorphICs, enVia, and Toshiba. UHF Services Knowledge Chunk UHF service bands [5] include mobile cellular (450, 850, 900, 1900, 2400 MHz), xed satellite communications, maritime satellites (1535 MHz), and aeronautical mobile satellite communications. Using That Knowledge: A UHF AACR should be able to list UHF services and explain them in technically accurate radio terms. Specialized terminology like channel means different things in different air interfaces. The CR must employ technically accurate language when communicating with expert users and CWNs even if its user trains it with different jargon for informal communications. UHF Antenna Knowledge Chunk UHF antenna products include log-periodic, directional parabolic re ectors, and discone array antennas. The reduced wavelengths at UHF make the physical size of the antennas more compatible with avionics than VHF. Using That Knowledge: The UHF antenna-aware CR should know the types and dimensions of common antennas for UHF. It should be able to perform as a technical advisor, diagnostics assistant, and/or supply clerk for UHF antennas. Sectorized Antennas Knowledge Chunk Cellular base stations use arrays of relatively high gain elements for diversity and gain. A sectorized cell site might employ an array of 3 4 ft tall antenna elements arranged in a triangle 30 ft on a side to provide 5 8 dB gain over isotropic (dBi) and diversity reception. The handset, on the other hand, might use a helical whip with less than 0 dBi gain. Using That Knowledge: The base-station-expert CR assists in the deployment, maintenance, and evolution of xed cellular infrastructure antenna systems. Military UHF Radios Knowledge Chunk Illustrative military systems in this band include digital multichannel radios such as the GRC-103 [181] and the FHM9104 [182]. Using That Knowledge: The military operations UHF CR knows the technical and operational parameters of legacy military radios. The visually capable CR recognizes the equipment to assist in con guring federated suites.
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