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As you learn different trading styles, remember this key concept: Futures are a trading vehicle and not I repeat, not a buy-and-hold, long-term investment platform. Do not try to dictate or get married to an idea about the direction you think the market should go. This approach can lead to financial donations to other traders wealth, to an increase in your knowledge about your brokerage firm s money wire transaction process, and, worse yet, to getting wiped out. You need to work at this business. You need to manage and maintain your positions and monitor price action. Game plans need to be established, and you will need to be flexible and quick to act. Access and communication to stay in touch with the market is important when you are trading. Futures trading should be used to make money on a price movement. It should not be a personal vendetta, trying to prove that you are right in your opinion of what the market should do. That outlook is why there are all kinds
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Getting Technical
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of clich s about taking profits. For instance, A profit is a profit, no matter how small. That is a great line, but let s define small profit. Coming to this business to risk thousands of dollars to make a hundred dollars or so isn t the way this trading environment should be used. Another old saying describes someone who takes small profits and lets big losers ride: Eating like a bird and crapping like an elephant. That is the essence of a habit you don t want. If this is a syndrome that you fall into, 11 offers exercises to help you work through it. If you catch yourself getting into that habit, stop trading. Try not to get used to taking small profits constantly and letting losses get large before taking them. You need to develop good discipline and strong emotional traits. Otherwise, fear of losing will hinder your performance. Think about this: If trading were easy and such a sure thing, why would you have to sign all of those disclaimers about how dangerous it is when you fill out an account application at a brokerage firm So far I have mentioned buying, selling, winning, losing, and human emotions, and I have not yet covered a single aspect of technical analysis. This approach to the subject reflects my belief about what I consider the most important aspect of trading: your mental and emotional capacity.
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Technical analysis is the study of a market s price data, which is created by the emotions of the participants. Price reflects the current or anticipated value of a market from a supply and demand perspective. Price is the true and absolute reflection of value, as perceived by the various market participants at a particular point in time. There are a number of different forms of analysis. This book will go into further detail on most aspects of technical analysis, but my focus is on market reversals incorporating pivot point analysis with other methods to nail down time and price predictions. All traders have access to four common denominators: open, high, low, and closing price. How you analyze, interpret, and act on the information available is what gives you a trading style that differentiates you from other traders. Successful traders interpret correctly and act swiftly. There are five business days in every week and usually four weeks in every month. One day within a month will usually mark a price high, another day will generally mark a low, and the market will close somewhere between those points. Those facts define the monthly range. The successful trader does not consistently make a habit of buying the high of the range or selling the low of the range. But before jumping ahead of ourselves into subjects covered later in the book, we need to review what the futures markets are all about. Seasoned
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