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J. L. P.
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A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics
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Introduction to Futures and Options
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Understanding the Mechanics
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Success is turning knowledge into positive action. Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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oethe could have been referring to paper trading versus the act of actually trading when he wrote the phrase above. Trading is exactly that: putting your thoughts or convictions about a price move into action by entering an order and placing money at risk. Investing is a totally different ball game. This book is about trading. The purpose of trading is to turn over or buy and sell (sell and buy) to build cash in an account by capitalizing on changes in price. It is not about acquiring and holding assets or property. Futures trading is becoming more attractive than ever before as investors transfer their knowledge and trading skills from the stock market boom of the late 1990s to more active markets where the idea of creating wealth is still alive. As the equity markets became consumed by the bear market mentality liquidation phase, investors with knowledge of technical analysis and computer skills flocked to open futures accounts to trade e-mini S&P 500 and e-mini Nasdaq 100 index futures. Stock market firms and brokers have developed futures divisions, and day-trading education experts have crawled out of the woodwork to teach investors the art of day trading those products. Some of the numerous quality instructors come with a very high tuition cost; others are not so expensive.
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Most likely, learning about trading at a reasonable price is why you are reading this book. However, reading this book alone will not guarantee that you will succeed in trading. You need to read this book, practice its principles, and continue your trading education, realizing that the biggest obstacle in trading is what is between your left and right ears. I believe the techniques in this book are excellent strategies, and I hope you will apply and benefit from them. Teaching someone to become a successful trader and letting them experience the power of financial rewards is a satisfying and rewarding pursuit. As investors look for markets beyond stocks or mutual funds in which to put their money, they will find a whole new world out there with different products to trade, among them futures. You may be among those investors who are afraid of and concerned about trading futures because of what you heard about them in the past. There are good reasons for being nervous about treading into any new market. But consider the scandals that have plagued Wall Street in the post-bubble era and may continue for some time. As history shows, there have been countless scandals on Wall Street in the past, and there almost certainly will be more in the future. So-called traditional investing in stocks is not immune to risk and has its own set of problems. The question is: Will confidence in America s corporate leadership return sooner rather than later Stock ownership is at the highest level per capita in America s history. More investors and private traders participate in the markets than ever before. In addition to stocks and mutual funds, there are a host of stock-related derivative products exchange-traded funds such as QQQs, options such as the OEX, and many, many others including a relatively new and spectacular market development called single stock futures. The price direction of equities and all of these derivative instruments boils down to what will happen to the underlying forces of earnings and growth. Here is a brief story that may shed light on Americans changing viewpoint about investing. I was giving a seminar on the futures markets to an investment club. One older gentleman said his money was safe in the bank, and he wouldn t give his money to the stock market again. I asked, Why do you feel that way He responded, They are all crooks! Well, if you think like that, why are you at a futures seminar I asked. I always thought they were risky, but now I want to learn for myself, he replied. Futures trading is risky, I agreed, but what gave you the impression not to open a futures account before My stock broker told me not to trade commodities, that I would lose my shirt, he said. So I kept buying the stocks he recommended, and, instead, I lost my shirt with him.
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