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Closing Bell
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My Top 10 List
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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich, 1937)
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o sum up this book, I wanted to deliver trading methods, techniques, and terms in a logical and simple approach. I certainly gained a lot from writing this book as the mental cobwebs were cleaned out, and I was able to get an exciting and comprehensive refresher course from all the old techniques and the new developments and products that have been introduced throughout the years. I sincerely hope that this information was enlightening for the novice as well as for the advanced trader. This is my first book. It combines two of the most exciting and volatile trading decades in the history of speculating in futures and the relatively new world of options trading. No matter how much I study and no matter how much research I do, there is still not a perfect trading plan that will generate profits every time I trade. The goal that every trader wants to attain is to just make sure that the profits exceed the losses in the end. There are two ways to achieve this goal. One is to reduce losers and let winners ride so the capital amount that is taken in exceeds the losses. The other method is to have more winning trades than losers. I am a firm believer that the markets act randomly. Not every pattern develops as expected, not all support levels hold, and there certainly are plenty of instances of head fakes, false breakouts, and just plain old bad trading days. You can take many different approaches to trading. Each individual trader must try to find what works best for him or her. You need to discover
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CLOSING BELL: My Top 10 List
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whether you can emotionally handle extreme stress from holding large positions overnight or finding a niche in day-trading techniques or simply developing the patience needed for long-term trend trades. The purpose of this book is just to show you what works for me and to describe some of the techniques that I have used and picked up over the years. One casual observation is that I have noticed a common denominator among the more successful traders: They exhibit a genuine sense of confidence and are hard-working and well-organized in their thoughts and actions. Some are a little cocky but, for the most part, the more successful traders are more reserved or quiet individuals. Maybe that comes from the concept of walking quietly but carrying a big wallet. In this business you need to start with a desire to make money and, of course, the old saying applies, It takes money to make money. You do need trading risk capital. Again, my definition of risk capital is money you can afford to lose, money that you are not afraid of losing, and money that, if you do lose it, will not make you hold a grudge against the markets. That statement was made as a reminder that education is expensive, bad trades do happen and that if you lose, then you need to reevaluate and reeducate, and then understand what went wrong. A very successful trader once told me that fundamental, technical, or any other analysis won t do me a damn bit of good if I don t have the money to trade or the courage to pull the trigger. You also need confidence, you need to rely on your own trading skills, and you absolutely need to be honest with yourself and admit when you are wrong, then act accordingly. For those who do experience trading success, take money out of your trading account! Diversify your trading profits. One great analyst and trader, Fibonacci expert Joe Dinapoli, told me before going on the radio show that he likes to buy selected properties in real estate, whether it is in Bangkok, Massachusetts, or Florida. I have heard many a trader start out with $5,000 or $10,000, make a large sum trading a particular market move, and decide to just build their account. Quite frankly, I really do not remember any of those people achieving that goal. I have seen traders give most, if not all and more, back to the markets. One reason is they become overconfident. They think, If I can take $5,000 to $30,000, maybe I can take $30,000 to $1 million! Greed sets in, they trade larger positions, take on more risk, and forget what got them their initial profits. If you are a one-lot or two-lot size trader, then take money out of the market on a consistent basis and reinvest elsewhere. Wealth creation is the goal, and diversification is the key to success in life. There are no guarantees that you will become a more successful trader as a result of reading this book. However, I do believe it will help you achieve a better understanding of this business and excite your interest to continue your technical and fundamental analysis of the markets. Every individual
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