Part II - ASP.NET Database Programming in VS .NET

Generation USS Code 128 in VS .NET Part II - ASP.NET Database Programming
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- Understanding the .NET Framework - Getting Started with ASP.NET - Building Forms with Web Controls - Using Rich Web Controls - Creating and Using Custom Controls - Validating User Input - Debugging ASP.NET Pages - Introducing ADO.NET - Understanding Data Binding
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Part II - ASP.NET Database Programming
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10 - Working with Data Grids 11 - Using Templates 12 - Using SQL Server with ASP.NET 13 - Advanced Data Binding and XML
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Part III - Advanced ASP.NET
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14 - ASP.NET Application Configuration 15 - Developing Business Objects 16 - Building HTTP Handlers 17 - Understanding Caching 18 - Building Wireless Applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls 19 - ASP.NET Security 20 - Localizing ASP.NET Applications 21 - Deploying ASP.NET Applications
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Part IV - Building Web Services
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22 - Introduction to Web Services 23 - Web Services Infrastructure 24 - Understanding SOAP 25 - Building a Web Service 26 - Deploying and Publishing Web Services 27 - Finding Web Services 28 - Consuming Web Services
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Part V - Building ASP.NET Applications
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29 - ASP.NET Blackjack 30 - Chatty Discussion Forum Appendix A - Visual Basic Syntax Appendix B - Visual Basic Functions and Features
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Appendix C - Visual Basic Object-Oriented Programming Appendix D - C# Syntax Appendix E - C# Classes Appendix F - C# Components Index List of Figures List of Tables List of Sidebars
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Joyce Haughey Barry Offringa Betty Schutte Quality Control Technician Laura Albert David Faust John Greenough Andy Hollandbeck Proofreading and Indexing TECHBOOKS Production Services About the Authors Mridula Parihar has a master's degree in Applied Operations Research from Delhi University. She is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and has worked approximately 2 years with NIIT Ltd. Mridula spent her first year in the Career Education Group (CEG) of NIIT, in which she taught NIIT students and was involved in scheduling and managing resources. For the past 1 years, she has been working in the Knowledge Solutions Business (KSB) group of NIIT, in which she has had the opportunity to work on varied technical projects. Mridula has been involved in design, development, testing, and implementation of instructor-led training courses. Her primary responsibilities include instructional review, technical review, and ensuring ISO compliance. For the past six months, Mridula has been involved in textbook writing on varied technical subjects such as TCP/IP and .NET. Essam Ahmed is an accomplished developer with more than 10 years of professional programming and design experience. Essam enjoys writing his publications include JScript .NET Programming (published October 2001 by Hungry Minds), more than 50 book reviews at, and various articles at and Essam's professional affiliations include the IEEE Computer Society (, the Association for Computing Machinery (, and the Worldwide Institute of Software Architects (, in which he is a practicing member. Essam was a speaker at VSLive 2001 in Sydney, Australia. Essam's Web site is Jim Chandler is an independent consultant with extensive experience in architecting and developing custom, integrated software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the Midwest. Before focusing his career on the Windows platform, Jim was a Graphics Partner at Digital Equipment Corporation, evangelizing X11 and Motif. Jim is also a co-author of the Visual Basic.NET Bible and an active member of the St. Louis .NET Users Group. He has delivered presentations on such topics as ASP.NET, XML, and Web services to the St. Louis developer community. His research interests include everything .NET as well as COM+ and developing mobile applications for the Pocket PC. Outside the daily challenges of developing applications and fulfilling his research interests, Jim shares his spare time with his wife, Rhonda, and their two sons, Sam and Thomas. Bill Hatfield is the best-selling author of several computer books, including ASP.NET For Dummies, two editions of Active Server Pages For Dummies (on Classic ASP), Visual InterDev For Dummies, and Creating Cool VBScript Web Pages (all from Hungry Minds). He is also the editor of three monthly publications from Pinnacle Publishing on .NET technologies: C# Developer, .NET Developer, and ActiveWeb Developer. He's an independent corporate trainer and maintains a Web site ( dedicated to helping developers solve problems. He works from his home in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he and his wife have celebrated the birth of their first child, Bryce Christopher. Of course, now that he has a real baby, he can stop dressing up the cat in little outfits. Richard Lassan is a Senior Consultant with GA Sullivan in Nashville, TN. He is currently involved in learning and writing about .NE T. Richard can be reached at Peter B. MacIntyre lives and works in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (the home of the fictional Anne of Green Gables). Peter and his wife, Dawn, are trying to raise four kids: Daniel (14), Charity (12), Michael (12), and Simon (11). He has been in the software development industry for over 12 years and has seen many changes in
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technology in that time frame. Peter can be reached at and is available for small to midsized consulting projects. Dave Wanta has been working in Web development since the mid-1990s. His Microsoftcentric Web technology has led him to develop a number of large e-commerce and B2B applications. His love for ASP.NET has led him to build the largest online ASP.NET directory, at You can usually find Dave online discussing ASP.NET topics at the lists found at About the Series Editor
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Michael Lane Thomas is an active development -community and computer-industry analyst who presently spends a great deal of time spreading the gospel of Microsoft .NET in his current role as a .NET technology evangelist for Microsoft. In working with over a half-dozen publishing companies, Michael has written numerous technical articles and written or contributed to almost 20 books on numerous technical topics, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, and .NET technologies. He is a prolific supporter of the Microsoft certification programs, having earned his MCSD, MCSE+I, MCT, MCP+SB, and MCDBA. In addition to technical writing, Michael can also be heard over the airwaves from time to time, including two weekly radio programs on Entercom ( stations, most often in Kansas City on News Radio 980KMBZ ( He can also occasionally be caught on the Internet doing an MSDN Webcast ( discussing .NET, the next generation of Web application technologies. Michael started his journey through the technical ranks back in college at the University of Kansas, where he earned his stripes and a couple of degrees. After a brief stint as a technical and business consultant to Tokyo-based Global Online Japan, he returned to the States to climb the corporate ladder. He has held assorted roles, including those of IT manager, field engineer, trainer, independent consultant, and even a brief stint as Interim CTO of a successful dot-com, although he believes his current role as .NET evangelist for Microsoft is the best of the lot. He can be reached via e-mail at First and foremost, I want to dedicate this book to my Supreme Guide who has always guided me in the right direction. Then, I would like to dedicate this book to my Mom and Dad, without whose support I could have never completed this book. My Mom and Dad have always been a constant source of energy and encouragement for me. Also, I must thank my brothers, Amit and Abhay, who have always given their constant support to me. Mridula Parihar For my sons, Vikranth and Siddharth Essam Ahmed I'd like to dedicate this book to my family, whose love and support mean everything to me. I love you all. And, finally, the answer to the question posed by my sons, Sam and Thomas, who asked: "Dad, will our name be in the book, too " You bet! Jim Chandler To my lovely wife Melanie for the patience, kindness, and love she showsto our child every hour of every day. Bryce couldn't have picked abetter mom! Bill Hatfield To my parents, William and Eleanor, for always being there. Rick Lassan I would like to dedicate the chapters that I wrote to my lovely wife, Dawn Etta Riley. Without your patience and understanding, I would not have been able to pull this off! I know it has been hard sometimes, but reward comes with hard work. I love you very
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much and appreciate all that you do for me and all that you are to me. Peter MacIntyre To my Parents, Roy and Terry, and my Brother Bob for being the coolest brother someone could have. Dave Wanta
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