Finding the Perfect Setup in Java

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Finding the Perfect Setup
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You re looking for the perfect setup with Pages for all those product descriptions, and posts for news, announcements, and press clippings. This is what I start with whenever I do a corporate Web site with WordPress as a CMS, which is basically any corporate Web site I ll do these days. Assuming I ve got the design worked out, here is the process I ll follow: 1. I decide what will be a Page and what will not. Usually, everything except news and announcements are Pages, so that is really easy. I create these Pages and make sure they get the right slug. This includes making sure that the basic permalink structure is there, which means I ll make sure the post and category URLs look good. Chances are I ll use a plugin to further control this, but it all depends on the needs of the site. 2. I start creating the Page templates. Chances are the company profile Page will have other design needs than the product Pages, so I ll want to put emphasis on different things, and construct any possible submenus and information boxes in ways that fit the style. 3. I create the categories needed, one for each newsy section. This is usually just one, called News or Announcements, but sometimes it is both, and even more at that. In some cases I really just want just one category Announcements, for example and then I opt for sorting within it using tags, one for News, one for Press Releases, one for Products, one for Announcements,
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9: WordPress as a CMS
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and so on. Naturally, I ll need to make sure the category listings as well as the single post view look good. 4. I tie it all together by creating a menu (usually hardcoded, since most sites like this will be pretty static in this department as well) which links to both the various Pages, and the categories involved. That s it, the elements of a static simple Web site using WordPress as a CMS. You can take this concept as far as you like really, since it is WordPress and you can build upon it as much as you like. Some Web sites obviously need more attention: the more advanced the site, the more tweaks and adaptations are needed to make it fit. Sometimes this means you ll have to write custom loops or use Page templates, and at other times you may want more flexibility without touching the code for every little update. That s when widgets come in, not only because a lot of cool features come as plugins that are widget-ready, but also because widgets offer drag-and-drop functionality that non-techy users will surely appreciate.
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Putting Widgets to Good Use
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Widgets and widget areas are your friends when rolling out WordPress as a CMS. It is perhaps not as important for the small and static company Web sites primarily discussed so far, but rather for the larger ones. Take a look around online; there are numerous sites that push out mixed functionality, especially on their front pages, and display teaser images when it is suitable. You can do this with widgets, and with the revamped widget API that WordPress 2.8 brought with it, this is now even easier to do. The most straightforward usage is to litter your site with widget areas wherever you may want to output something all of a sudden; just make sure that the area doesn t output anything by default should you want it to be invisible (as in not containing anything) whenever you haven t populated it with a widget. That being said, it is good to think your widget areas through, and put the areas where you need them, not where you think you may need them in two years time. After all, you will have redesigned the site by then anyway So you ve got your widget areas in. Now, how to use them Besides the obvious answer of drag-and-drop widgets on the Appearance Themes page in WordPress admin, you'll need widgets that do what you need. The ones that ship with WordPress are simple and somewhat crude; the Pages widget (listing your Pages) won't even let you display just the Pages, it forces an h2 title out there, and this is a bad thing. You want control, so if you're moving down this route, be sure to look at other plugins that offer widget support. These days, a great many do, including ones that just list the Pages. (Seems I'm not the only one annoyed with that default h2 heading, after all.) The most usable widget is by far the text widget. Why Because it accepts HTML code, which means that putting text and images in it is a breeze. This is good, because if you want to show off that special promotion just below the menu in the header, you can just put the necessary HTML code in a text widget and drop it there for the duration of the campaign, and then just remove it, and the area will disappear. That is, if you kept it empty. 181
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