13: Extra Functionality in Java

Make Code 128 in Java 13: Extra Functionality
13: Extra Functionality
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passing the stylesheet URL. This is purely semantic, since I imagine you d want all your stylesheets in the same place, and hence print.css should be in the same place as style.css.
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Adding Some More
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Expanding a site with necessary functionality is a natural and obvious step in the development of a site. When it comes to WordPress, expanding a site often means that you want to show off or promote content in some way, or add possibilities for interactions, like the login form, for example. The next chapter is about using images to spice up a site; in other words, another type of element that can expand a site s impact. Remember, though: don t go too crazy with these extras. After all, you don t want clutter.
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chapter is about displaying images in a WordPress site, beyond the traditional inclusion of illustrative points or inspiring scenery in your posts and pages. It is more about galleries, presentation, and photo-sharing services, not to mention the small matter of actually setting up WordPress image management in a way that makes sense.
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It s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Or maybe it speaks a thousand words, I m not sure. The point is that an image can tell a story a lot faster than text can. This isn t to say that images are always preferred over text; I m pretty sure you can agree that isn t the case. It is no secret, however, that images and text work extremely well together. Other than just spicing things up, an image can also help tell a story and (literally) illustrate a point.
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Some sites use more images than others, but most sites are better off whenever they do something thoughtthrough with their galleries and illustrations. This
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Part V: WordPress Toolbox
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Working with Image Galleries
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Ever since WordPress 2.5, there has been support for the [gallery] shortcode and the possibilities it brings. What [gallery] does really is output uploaded images in a clickable thumbnail grid. Then you can let your visitors see a larger version of the image, either in your theme s design, or the original file itself. The former is called the attachment page, since that s what images are: attachments to blog posts. This built-in functionality should cover most of the needs you may have if you run a text-based site that sometimes publishes images. To fine-tune it even further, the first stop after installing WordPress and picking the theme of your choice should be the Media page under Settings in the admin interface. Here you can control the circumstances under which the various images are scaled. Each image you upload is saved in up to four different versions, designed for your needs across the site.
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Figure 14-1: The WordPress Media Settings page
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14: Fun with Images
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Figure 14-1 shows the WordPress Media settings page, which outlines the various sizes your images can be:
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The thumbnail is a cropped version of an image meant to symbolize the image in question. You
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can set it to be cropped to exact sizes, which means that it won t actually show the whole image all the time. It s a small image meant to be clickable. Default size is 150 150 pixels, but you can change that to fit your theme. The medium image is in fact the full image downsized, with width and height proportional to the original image you uploaded. You can set a maximum width and height that dictate how the image should be scaled. This is also the image used in the attachment pages. The large image is also your full image but downsized proportionally.
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The original image is also available, untouched.
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There s one caveat: no image version will be created if it is in fact larger than the original image. So if your large image is set to 800 pixels width and height, but the image you re uploading is smaller than that, it won t be created nor will it be available to include or link to in WordPress. There s just no point. So what about it then Why bring this up Simple. The thumbnail should be in a size that fits your width and the number of columns you think you ll want to use normally in your image galleries created with the [gallery] shortcode. Make it a nice size for your site. Meanwhile, it is my belief that the medium image should be the exact same as the maximum width your design can manage. In other words, if the max width is 580 pixels, set the max width of the medium image to 580 pixels, to ensure that you can include it in your posts whenever you like. Since the medium image is the one used in attachment pages it is a good idea to make it fit well enough there. Granted, you re in something of a pickle if your attachment pages are constructed in such a way that they can manage a larger image than your traditional blog posts, but if that is the case you ll just have to create custom images for your posts. The important thing is to make the attachment page look good. Finally, the large image is good for linking a larger variant. One can argue that perhaps the large image should be the one in the attachment page, and it is probably possible to make it so, but by default that s not the case and hence you can t rely on it. The large image is usually only interesting if you re uploading a high-resolution photo and don t want to link the original version because it is 15 megabytes and ridiculously large for Web view, and the large one is substantially smaller and fitted to the screen. WordPress should promote the image size settings more, I think. They are important whenever you will be working with images, so get them right from the start; otherwise you ll end up with images at the wrong size, and that s not a pretty sight in any design. 275
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