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Until now we have primarily focused on extending the Eclipse platform with the Java development tools APIs In addition, we have also used the Help component However, Eclipse provides many other components like Debug, Compare, Search, and Team to support building integrated development tools All these components follow a common layering structure that leads us to the Strata Rule: STRATA RULE Separate language-neutral functionality from language-specific functionality and separate core functionality from UI functionality
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The Debug component illustrates the Strata Rule Figure 371 shows the four Debug plug-ins and their layering and prerequisites
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Figure 371 Separate Language-Specific from Language-Neutral and Core from UI
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Understanding the Strata Rule helps you explore these components When you implement support for a new language or a new set of functionality, consider following the Strata Rule As usual, there are trade-offs You can decide to fold some layers into a single plug-in For example, the smaller components like Search and Compare fold language-neutral support into a single plug-in As a plug-in grows you will often separate its functionality according to the Strata Rule We have observed this for the Text component The Search component will likely evolve in a similar fashion
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3711 Additional Eclipse Components Overview
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Here is a brief overview of additional components provided by Eclipse For each component we give some pointers to source code for further exploration:
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Debug The Debugger defines a common debugger UI that is shown in the Debug Perspective The common debugger UI builds on top of a language-neutral Debug Model API The Model API defines interfaces for common debug artifacts (threads, stacks frames) and actions (step, resume, terminate) To support debugging a new language, you implement the debug model interfaces Once you have done that, the rest of the debugger just works You can then extend the debugger UI using the standard extension mechanisms For example, you can contribute menu items or toolbar items to the predefined views The debugger component includes a launching framework A launch configuration captures the settings for starting a particular program You can contribute new launch configuration types and contribute additional tabs to the launch dialog (Run > Run or Run > Debug ) Pointers to examples: Eclipse includes a Java debugger The debugger is implemented on top of the standard Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) in the plug-ins orgeclipsejdtdebug and orgeclipsejdtdebugui The debugger plug-ins contribute launch configurations for Java programs, applets, and a launch configuration to attach to a remote Java VM Team The Team component supports sharing resources with a team via a repository Users associate a project with a particular repository The Team component provides APIs and extension points (orgeclipseteamcorerepository) for defining new kinds of repositories There are some companion extension points to define how a repository handles file modifications and moving and deleting files (orgeclipsecoreresourcesfileModificationValidator and orgeclipsecoreresourcesmoveDeleteHook) Pointers to examples: Eclipse includes a CVS repository provider The corresponding plug-ins areorgeclipsecvscore and orgeclipsecvsui This separation is another example of the Strata Rule There is also an example plug-in project orgeclipseteamexamplesfilesystem It implements a simple repository provider that uses a location on the file system as a repository Search The Search component defines the Search dialog and the search result view You contribute new searches in form of additional search pages Search provides an API to populate the search results view with your matches Pointers to examples: The orgeclipsesearch plug-in contributes support for textual searching The Java development tools contribute a Java-specific search in the orgeclipsejdtui plug-in and the package is orgeclipsejdtinternalsearch Compare The Compare component contributes viewers to perform two- and three-way comparing and merging of textual and hierarchical structures It includes differencing engines for both text and trees The definition of the structure to be used for a comparison is pluggable and contributed with the orgeclipsecomparestructureCreator extension point Pointers to examples: the JDT plug-in orgeclipsejdtui leverages the compare component and implements structural comparisons of Java compilation units at the method level See the package orgeclipsejdtinternaluicompare You can also find a simpler example that illustrates structural comparisons for files storing key-value pairs The code is available in the example plug-in: orgeclipsecompareexamples JFace text JFace text provides a framework for editing source documents The framework includes support for syntax highlighting, content assist, formatting, annotations, and much more Pointers to Examples: The Java editor (orgeclipsejdtinternaluijavaeditor*) contributed by the orgeclipsejdtui plug-in is a comprehensive example of how to use JFace text A simpler editor illustrating all the standard features for a custom editor is provided in the example plug-in orgeclipseuiexamplesjavaeditor
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