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Development (OECD). (2005). Learning a living: First results of the adult literacy and life skills survey. Retrieved from Statistics Canada. (2004). Literacy scores, human capital and growth across 14 OECD countries, monograph no 11, 89-552MIE. Retrieved from Stuart, M. (1999). Getting ready for reading: Early phoneme awareness and phonics teaching improves reading and spelling in inner-city second language learners. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 69, 587 605. Sullivan, H. J., Okada, M., & Niedermeyer, F. D. (1971). Learning and transfer under two methods of word-attack instruction. American Educational Research Journal, 8, 227 239. Sweidel, G. B. (1996). Study strategy portfolio: A project to enhance study skills and time management. Teaching of Psychology, 23(4), 246 248. Taylor, B. M., Pearson, P. D., Clark, K. F., & Walpole, S. (2000). Effective schools and accomplished teachers: Lessons about primary-grade reading instruction in low-income schools. Elementary Schools Journal, 101, 121 165. Torgerson, C., & Zhu, D. (2003). A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of ICT on literacy learning in English, 5 16. In Research Evidence in Education Library. London: EPPI-Centre, Social Sciences Research Unit Institute of Education. Troia, G. (1999). Phonological awareness intervention research: A critical review of the experimental methodology. Reading Research Quarterly, 34, 28 52. Ungerleider, C., & Burns, T. (2002). Information and communication technologies in elementary and secondary education: A state of art review. Prepared for 2002 Pan-Canadian Education Research Agenda Symposium Information Technology and Learning, Montreal, Quebec. Van Izjendoorn, M. H., & Bus, A. G. (1994). Meta-analytic confirmation of the nonword reading deficit in developmental dyslexia. Reading Research Quarterly, 29, 267 275. Vellutino, F. R., Scanlon, D. M., Sipay, E. R., Small, S. G., Pratt, A., Chen, R., et al. (1996). Cognitive profiles of difficult-to-remediate and readily-remediated poor readers: Early intervention as a vehicle for distinguishing between cognitive and experimental deficits as basic causes of specific reading disability. Journal of Educational Psychology, 88, 601 638. Wade, R. C., & Yarbrough, D. B. (1996). Portfolios: A tool for reflective thinking in teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies, 12(1), 63 79. Waxman, H. C., Lin, M.-F., & Michko, G. M. (2003, December). A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of teaching and learning with technology on student outcomes. Learning Point Associates. Retrieved from index.html White, T. G., & Cunningham, P. M. (1990, April). Teaching disadvantaged children to decode by analogy. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Boston.
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Philip C. Abrami et al.
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Wild, M. (2000). Designing and evaluating an educational performance support system. British Journal of Educational Technology, 13(1), 5 20. Wise, B. W., Olson, R. K., & Treiman, R. (1990). Subsyllabic units as aids in beginning readers word learning: Onset-rime versus post-vowel segmentation. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 49, 1 19. Wolf, M., & Bowers, P. (1999). The double deficit hypothesis for the developmental dyslexias. Journal of Educational Psychology, 91, 1 24. Wozney, L., Venkatesh, V., & Abrami, P. C. (2006). Implementing computer technologies: Teachers perceptions and practices. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 14(1), 173 207.
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7 Tools for Learning in an Information Society
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John C. Nesbit and Philip H. Winne
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At the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan unveiled the $100 laptop, a joint project of the MIT Media Lab and the non-profit One Laptop Per Child Society (MIT Techtalk, 2005). If successful in overcoming considerable barriers to widespread distribution (e.g., wireless networking to the Internet and cultural acceptance), the laptop will be used for educational purposes by millions of children living in developing nations. That such a project would be conceived by a prestigious educational institution and promoted at an international meeting attended by world leaders is evidence of widespread belief in the existence and pervasive influence of the information society. The term information society carries considerable force in popular understandings of developed nations shared culture and economy. It is used variously to describe the emergence of knowledge as a commodity in the final stages of the industrial revolution, the increasing role of knowledge workers in post-industrial economies, and the more recent and continuing penetration of information and communication technologies (ICT), especially the Internet, in virtually all aspects of modern culture (Duff, 2001). Although we emphasize the latter sense, we regard all these aspects of the information society as cogent to our thesis. Specifically, we recognize the fundamental roles for information and information technologies in driving modern economies and cultures; here we consider the educational implications of ubiquitous digital information and technology. We and others have noted dramatic increases in the speed and convenience of accessing information occasioned by the growth of the Internet, and the effects of these changes on how students and teachers interact (Nesbit & Winne, 2003). When all learners are networked all the time, the implicitly understood models of teaching and learning will be unpredictably and irrevocably altered. But the ICT revolution does not merely provide access to more information, more quickly. Rather, it yields information in
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John C. Nesbit and Philip H. Winne a more malleable form and provides tools that can be used to manipulate it. The ongoing transformation into an information society not only introduces more efficient means to acquire knowledge and skills, it also defines new knowledge and skills that demand recognition and accommodation within our education systems. In addition to new approaches to teaching and learning, the knowledge society implies new learning goals and curricula that are collectively referred to as information literacy.
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