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Julie Mueller, Eileen Wood, and Teena Willoughby
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d. Digital divide Specific references were made to a division in terms of computer experience and/or expertise between educators or between educator and student. E.g., But an awful lot of the kids at the grade level that I am teaching have way more expertise than the teachers. III. Context and Access Discussion topics that were coded into this category referred to issues surrounding the location in which computers were placed in the school. There also were issues surrounding the access to the computers in these locations. Discussion in this category revolved around the ability or lack of ability to book labs, find time in the schedule for computer use, and generally gain access to computers and software. E.g., The thing is it s difficult to book in times for your class to use the computer lab because there are so many classes and ah, there will be times in the year when for example the grade s are all doing that learning how to type thing. b. Context This category included references to the set-up and consequences of where computers are used (i.e. in a lab, classroom, pod, or library). E.g., Now nobody s facing you, everybody s spinning around and I mean, the classes next year, our classes are going to balloon again, and uh, I mean this year it was great, I had small classes, you were able to do a lot with them. Next year, again, and when you want, if you get computers in your classroom, now the students are shut off from the teacher unless you ve got such small classes that they can work in one part of your room and then you can move them to doing something else in the other half of your room. But some schools have really teeny rooms. IV. Student Issues a. Motivation, skills, and characteristics Direct reference to students and computers were also made but to a lesser extent than the support and educator issues. This category included discussion about the knowledge and skills that students have or need, as well as their motivation, opinions, and feelings surrounding computer use. Educators also made comments about differences and difficulties related to the developmental stages and characteristics of students. E.g., They all have videogames, mind you, and so they view a computer as an extension. It s just a videogame and, um, as far as knowing anything that they re doing, they don t. It s just random play . . .
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a. Access
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Integration of Computer Technology
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b. Digital divide Specific references were made to a distinction among students according to computer access and/or computer skill. Differences also were identified between the computer systems students used at home and those available at school in terms of quality and Internet speed. E.g., And they re always complaining about how outmoded our computers are at the school compared to the ones they have at home. c. Sabotage Some discussion included problems related to vandalism or sabotage of computers by students. Reference to hackers or students interrupting the operating system was included here as well. E.g., That would become dangerous in my school because I have kids who could hack into it and change it. V. Hardware and Software Problems a. Malfunctions Issues discussed at this level concerned not the presence or absence of resources but problems using those resources in terms of malfunctions, compatibility, and change. Educators reported a number of problems and frustrations with equipment breakdowns or glitches in the operating systems or Internet functioning. E.g., We have computers in all the shops and other rooms but we have as you re experiencing, once a week the server goes down and takes out three or four classrooms at the same time . . . that is if the power doesn t go down completely! b. Compatibility Specific references were made to problems arising from incompatibility of equipment and/or software. Educators reported problems with computers that were not all the same. E.g., I bought a book by mistake at on keyboard shortcuts which was really dumb. I ll never use it because the keyboard shortcuts for Corel and the keyboard shortcuts for PageMaker, they re not the same, and Adobe isn t the same, in Adobe PageMaker and Illustrator. That s another frustration too but that s programming. c. Pace of change and outdated equipment Some problems were identified as being related to the pace of change in technology and the presence or use of outdated equipment or software. E.g., And then as soon as you ve taken that course that software is outdated. I ve taken several and gotten pretty happy about what I m doing with this particular software, and the next thing you know that won t load on this computer any more.
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