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I appreciate the offer. I will usually finish in the late afternoons and maybe in a week or so, when I catch up with some work, I will start coming down here. Sounds good. I won t be here tomorrow but if you stop by, I ll have a badge made for you so you can at least get in the door. A computer should be ready for you in a few days. The IT guys are fast. If you have any problems, just call me on my cell, and then he handed me his card. Then he stood up, shook my hand, and looked me in the eye. I can see a good budding trader a mile away, Harry, he told me. I think we might be able to do some business together in the long run. Shake off those losses. Get back on the horse. Don t let the losses get the best of you. I nodded. You can sit around here for a while if you d like, he added. I m going to run now, but you re already logged into Ellen Hansell s computer. If you want to look at some charts, be my guest. The door will lock automatically behind you. Dial 9 to get an outside line. Then he walked away to check up on some traders a few desks away. He pointed back at me, obviously introducing me to them and making sure they knew I d be there. Stunned, I sat motionless for at least five minutes. I didn t know if I should really touch the computer. What if I screwed up and made a trade What if he intended for me to trade Was this some kind of job interview, like Craig had when he sneaked in Did Anderson want to see what I could do I called my wife and told her where I was, and that I was going to check some things out so that when I came home I wouldn t be tempted to open anything up. It would be smart to do my research here, because I wouldn t have access to any of my own trading accounts. That was a good thing. The first thing I did when I gathered my senses was to open a chart on the EUR/USD. It was the short-term chart, and it only reminded me of the experience I d had earlier that morning. That s when I realized that I should have been looking at the longer term charts anyway that s what Harvey wanted me to do in the first place. So I switched over to the four-hour chart again, and drew a horizontal line across the 1.2200 mark. Without any other thoughts, I started to mark on the chart all the points at which the currency pair had hit the 1.2200 level. The chart looked like Figure 16.1. I started to feel excited. Not to trade, which I knew I couldn t do, but because I finally might have done some actual, real, valuable, not worthless, analysis. And on my own! Had the 1.2200 price, for some unknown reason, simply been a hard number to break Was that it Could it be that simple I remembered that
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The currency pair hits 1.2200.
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some of the books I d read had said that sometimes round numbers were good barriers for currencies. I had also read that once a resistance line (a price level above the current price) was broken, it would tend to become support, or a strong floor. This made sense to me. Once a currency pair did all that work to break above a level, some emotional and financial investment would be put toward keeping it above that level. Likewise, if the currency pair could break below a certain support level, then that level would tend to become strong resistance, or a ceiling. Once again, this immediately made sense to me. And it seemed to be happening on the chart in front of me. I noticed that three times in early March, the EUR/USD had tried to break below the 1.2200 level. Then on March 24, it finally broke through and closed below 1.2200. And what happened when it tried to rise back above that mark It couldn t do it. It was stopped cold at least two times that I could see on the chart. Those would have been nice times to sell. Perfect times, in fact. Just like now On March 30, it had broken above and below and shot upward. Then it had smashed through the line on April 2. Did that ruin my support/resistance theory Was the strength of the 1.2200 number diminished because of that (see Figure 16.2) It seemed to me that the line still retained some strength. A four-hour candle had broken the line. But what about the five-minute chart Maybe it looked like the four-hour candle had an easy time of breaking the level but it could have bounced on the shorter time frames.
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