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Never heard of him. What does he trade Apparently anything he wants. He s been there for 40 years. Said that he started in the mailroom. Worked his way up. Now that s the kind of guy Harvey would love. And it looks like those guys over there at U.S. National are hungry for more U.S. Dollars. I see on my terminal that U.S. National is selling the Euro against the U.S. dollar in a big way. They have orders stacked out even higher up than where they had first traded after the report. Orders stacked out Right. Orders to buy U.S. Dollars. Orders to sell the Euro. They can t unload two hundred fifty million Euros on top of someone at the current price, so they offer to sell Euros at a price outside the market. Let s say that the EUR/USD is trading right now at he broke off to check his computer screen 1.2020. That s the bid price it s trading at now. They could probably push though an order for fifty million dollars near that price right now. But if they want to unload a quarter of a billion Euros, then they might have to offer to sell them at 1.2000 or so. That means that the buyer gets the Euros at a great price. Right. Unless it is going to fall a long, long way. I imagined this in my mind. Hank Doorecker and Samuel Wilson wanted to sell Euros. They couldn t sell as many as they wanted to sell in one chunk unless they agreed to give the buyer a sweet immediate profit. This would entice a buyer to do the transaction. But if the price then fell hard, the buyer would be left holding Euros at a higher price than they could sell them for. U.S. National would make a huge profit and the buyer would be screwed. And other traders accept that offer I asked. Knowing that they are going to get screwed Sure. All the time. Keep in mind that the other side of the trade some other major bank or a hedge fund thinks that it s buying a ton of Euros cheap. Because their computer programs or high-paid analysts tell them that the Euro is going up. This made sense to me. Craig continued: The Euro is so heavily traded. This type of big transaction happens all the time. For every buyer, there are lots of sellers, and vice versa. For the bigger orders, like I just described, traders might have to put up orders outside the market price, but that s okay. They know what they want to do. It seemed to me that whatever Samuel Wilson, Hank Doorecker, and U.S. National wanted to do would be a good idea. I asked: What price are they offering to sell at An idea brewed in the back of my mind. This might be the best idea I d had yet. Obviously I couldn t see Craig, but I imagined a wide smile on his face. I think I know where you re going with this.
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Charlie Flank Meets His Match
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Yes. I want to sell at the same price. I was already logging into my online bank account, and setting up a wire transfer to send $5,000 more to my trading account. That would increase the size of the account to $5,500 total. I decided that if I only had one chance to take advantage of piggybacking on a trade with U.S. National Bank, I was going to take it. When I had completed the wire online, I asked Craig: What price are they selling at They have a huge sell order at 1.2200. That s nearly 200 points away. And it s upward. Why sell when it is rising And why not just sell down at 1.2000 They ve got their own reasons. I don t know. Listen, I gotta go. I told him how grateful I was for his time. The wire transfer would hit my trading account within a day, and then I would plug in an order to sell the EUR/USD at the same price as Samuel and the dudes down at the bank. You re welcome, he said. Don t make any trades just yet. Maybe watch that 1.2200 level for a sell trade. But keep the risk down this time. You can get killed on these long-term trades. It could move 100 pips against you before it turns around. Understood I agreed to play it safe. And we should have lunch in a couple of weeks, he told me. When this whole missing Anderson file thing blows over. Missing file So they d fired me over a missing file, just as I had presumed. A file that Herbie had probably misplaced. A couple of weeks You sure we can t meet sooner I was thinking I could take you to lunch later this week. I checked the economic calendar, nothing s really coming out. Well, actually, that s true, he replied. You did your homework. Okay, call me back in a few days and we ll see if we can hook up, even if it s just for a few minutes. And be on the lookout for Winklestein. He can show up at anytime, anywhere. I looked forward to the meeting with Harvey. In the mean time, I thought I d just run downtown and see if I could meet up with Mr. Sam Wilson.
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