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sound turned back down on the television, but all around the reporter, the place blew up. Traders screamed at each other, throwing hand signals to each other so quickly it was totally impossible to decipher anything. This is probably what it looked like over at Ernest Wellington. How I wished I could be there right then! It was obvious to the old man in front of me that I had no idea what was going on. From the reaction in this room, I decided that no one here really traded, but that they were all retired. We had lawyers like that back at Wakeman old men who would shuffle around, tell dirty jokes, and go home at 2:00 P.M. every day. While Craig at Ernest Wellington was furiously trading, along with all the people around him, this man and his associates appeared not to belong on a trading floor at all. I got the feeling they had seen a lot of these reports, and they no longer held the same interest. He said: Charlie, what just came out is the March jobs number. It tracks how many new jobs were created in the United States. Okay. It looks like the people on television really care about it. Right. Just like I said. Guys on Wall Street would chop off their feet to get just one of these numbers early. Today we got a good number. A great number for short-term traders. Way off expectations. You can bet that a lot of guys and gals on the street are buying U.S. dollars right now. They re betting that today the dollar will go way up because of the number. But what really matters isn t what happens in the next five minutes. What matters is what happens by the end of the day and then next week. But you aren t going to trade today Hello no. When will you trade He enjoyed this question. I ll answer you without giving you the information you want. Do you have access to charts Currency charts Sure. Currency charts. I nodded. Yes, at home. Learn how to use them. But don t look at the short-term charts. That s what the hooligans are focused on right now. You need to watch the longer term charts. He had just called Craig Taylor a hooligan, just because he liked to short-term trade. He seemed wise and friendly but totally ignorant of how much money could be made from the short-term trading that Craig did. Maybe I could ask a few more questions and then bail out of here. What s the difference between short-term and long-term I asked. The young guys are all looking at the five-minute charts, or God help them, the one-minute charts, or lower. The tick charts even. Maniacs. I am looking at the daily and weekly charts here.
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Charlie Flank Goes to U.S. National Bank
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Should I look at those, too Sure. Do that. And add in the four-hour charts. Can you do that Absolutely, I answered. Even though everyone here seemed out of touch with the high-tech form of trading, I was at least happy that he was talking to me, and also aware that if I had studied some before I had met him, I could be asking him lots of intelligent questions about the market. Right now, I was positively unable to comprehend anything more advanced than his instructions to look at the long-term charts. Other than that, he was speaking a foreign language. I knew that everyone on Wall Street (except the men at the Rest Home for Old Guy Traders) was making trades. I knew that we had just gotten a March Jobs Number, or NFP. You said that everyone who trades in the short term would be buying dollars, trading currency. What about stocks Stocks aren t traded here on the same floor as currencies, usually. Here we can trade whatever we want. The equities floor would be separate from the currency floor in most places. But to answer your question, stocks could make a nice move upward today. Stock market likes a strong economy. I was confused on so many levels. For sure, my brain had melted and was now draining out my ears. He could tell I did not understand much of this and that I was totally captivated by the chaos on the television. He smiled. You are a total rookie, aren t you I nodded. With a capital R, I answered. He looked down at his charts and looked up at me. Then he looked down and up again, trying to decide what he was going to spend his time on. I d love to help you kid, he said, but I ve gotta get myself ready for Monday. It s nine A.M. and I m leaving at noon, and I got twenty-five other charts to work on. It s not like I was expecting you. Was I expecting you No. Right. You need to read a book about this stuff. I was willing to read War and Peace backward if it meant I could better understand what was happening around me. What book He shook his head. I guessed that I had asked just a few too many questions in too short of a time. I don t know, he told me. I started in the mailroom a thousand years ago and learned this stuff by sitting at a desk and asking a guy questions, like you re trying to do with me. Come back on Monday and you can bother me some more. My name s Samuel Wilson. He stood up, shook my hand again, and that was the sign that it was time for me to go. Thank you, Mr. Wilson. I will do that. I really appreciate this.
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