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Well, then, if you re waiting for someone, come on over here and you can sit down. He guided me to a desk where a man not much younger but much bigger than he was sitting. He towered over the desk in his chair; he was probably six and a half feet tall and had massive hands that made the mechanical pencil in his hand look like a toothpick. He was playing solitaire with a worn deck of cards with the other hand, in between using the pencil to write notes on large sheets of graph paper in front of him. The desks on either side were empty. It was clear this guy was a loner. I gathered up some courage and sat myself down in one of the guest chairs in front of him. The other old man waddled off so weakly I wondered if he could find his desk. Good morning, he offered without looking up. I don t recognize you. Come here to gamble this morning You new around here I shook my head, but he wasn t looking at me. I replied: Gambling s not really my thing. I m just here to drop off some documents. He looked up. Not dropping anything off on me, I hope. Of course not. I held out my hand to him. Harry Banes. He grunted. Looks like today you re Charlie Flank. I looked down at my name tag. Oh, that, I replied. That s who I was when I checked in at the front desk. He furrowed his brow and looked at me oddly. I sneaked in here because I want to be a trader. That s the honest truth. But I feel like I just took a trip to another planet. Ah, the truth. Telling it gave me the feeling of seeing an old friend. Well, at least an old friend that I had sold up the river. He laughed, grinned, and stretched back in his chair and put the pencil behind his ear. He spoke to me, but he spoke so loudly I suddenly felt very conspicuous. Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I sunk a bit deeper into the chair. He boomed: Sounds like something I would have done forty years ago, he told me. And then he pointed across to the television a few desks away. Melissa Francis was gone, replaced by a group of talking heads who were saying things I couldn t understand. The old man continued: You picked the right day to come in here. NFP [Non-Farm Payroll report] is out in two minutes. You re gonna to see this place blow up like a rock concert. Really He chortled and the pencil fell out of his ear. I stood up to get it for him but his arms were so long he could reach down for it on his own. He offered his hand to me and we shook, my hand disappearing into his. With a closer look at him, I realized that although he appeared old, he had a spark and energy that told me there were a lot of years left in him. Is this place really going to blow up I asked again.
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Charlie Flank Goes to U.S. National Bank
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No, Charlie, he answered. It s not. It s not going to hardly blow air. He looked around him. Half these guys don t even know what day of the week it is. Oh, my name is Harry. Sorry for the confusion. I tore off the name tag sticker, then said, You mentioned that the NFP was coming out in a few minutes. Yep. I didn t know what that meant. Was this a report like the FOMC minutes I wished that I could be sitting next to Craig Simpson right now, to see what he would be doing. This guy wasn t paying any attention to the television any longer. He had returned to marking up his charts, continually breaking the lead in the pencil. This frustrated him and finally he threw the pencil in the trash can next to his desk. Gotta pen I gave him mine. You don t seem to be too concerned about the NFP, I observed. This impressed him. He wanted to be noticed for not paying attention. I m working on my charts this morning, like I do every first Friday. Listen, I ll give you a tip: You don t trade the day of the report you make longer term bets after it s out. Most of the young guys in this city are going to trade their brains out for the first hour after the report is out. They would sell their own mothers to get this number before it s released. But they don t have to sit on the edge of their seats like they do. They can just wait to see what the number is, then make a rational plan. From the other trading floor I ve seen, rational behavior is in short supply. It was chaotic. He smiled. He was pleased that I understood him. I stood up and looked down at his charts. There were X s and O s all across his graph paper. It looked like a financial chart that I would see on TV, only instead of lines going up or down, there were X s and O s. He could see that I was interested. Point and figure charts, my friend. No one pays any attention anymore. But I still plot them by hand. Wait, here comes the number. The gentleman with the television closest to us turned up the volume on his set and for a brief moment, most of the heads in the room turned to look. The shot moved to some massive trading floor somewhere, with a reporter smack dab in the middle of the room: RICK SANTELLI: Three-hundred-eight thousand! It was as if Zeus has called down to his people. And he had told them that he was coming to kill the trader who acted the most like a human being. And that sent everyone on the television screen into a frenzy. The
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