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And we re going to lose our benefits, she noted. How are we going to pay for the pregnancy I shook my head. Her worry was starting to transfer itself head on, right to me. My leg was going to start shaking any moment, because I realized that the delivery of a healthy baby would cost over $10,000. We were only a few months away. How was I going to raise that kind of money I should have demanded an extra 10 grand from Herbie. Instead, I said: I don t know! Really! I don t know. This was my worst day in forever. It was terrible. Herbie came after me like he was hunting me down. Angrier than I have ever seen him. Something was very wrong, something that he thinks that I did. Something so bad that he wanted to blame someone for it. He needed a scapegoat, and I was going to be the one. I think that s why they offered me so much money to leave. They d needed to place the blame on someone and I fit the description. She sniffled. That would explain why he didn t tell you why he was firing you. Because he knew you didn t do anything wrong, and he didn t want to give you a chance to defend yourself. And now they can place the blame on me and say they ve taken care of the problem. I wondered if it was Herbie who had done something wrong. You know, I told her, I could probably still talk to an attorney. There is no way I could have done something so wrong to deserve being fired. You were a good employee. I shrugged. We were both calming down by talking about it. I wasn t a good employee. I was a great filing manager, but I took advantage of them a lot. I had even started to do my trading on the job. She didn t argue. She knew how much I disliked the job and wasn t going to blame me for not being thrilled about going to work every day. Do you think you can still trade This was unexpected. I deserved a beating for the way I had acted with forex trading. In fact, I had half decided never to take another trade. Better to get out with a five-hundred-dollar overall loss, than trade the rest of the account into the toilet. On the other hand, what were my job prospects Wakeman, Butterman, and Bailey would give a rotten reference for me if they agreed to offer one at all. And I had no other marketable skills. And I liked trading. And I had Craig, and perhaps Craig s mentor. And as simply as that, I decided that from that time onward, I was going to be a full-time trader. I think I can still trade, I told Gini. She smiled. My heart jumped. A smile popped onto my face. My skin tingled, and a shot of happy adrenaline shot up my spine. I could do this!
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Charlie Flank Goes to U.S. National Bank
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I called Craig the next day. CRAIG: Don t think of this as a wrench in the gearbox. Think of this as a chance for you to pay some rent with the severance; sit down andmake a trading plan; and think about how you want your family s future to look. I was forced to do this after my big trading loss most trade traders put themselves in some kind of disaster scenario at the beginning. But you can choose what you want to do about it. ME: Did you trade after the FOMC interest rate decision CRAIG: Yes, I sure did. I bought the British Pound for a quick profit. I might have been getting out just as you were getting in. ME: How did you know to do that CRAIG: I followed the immediate movement. I was ready to buy Pounds right away, as soon as I saw price move up quickly. Price jumped up in the first minute and then fell back down, but as soon as it continued higher than the first move, I bought. I got in at 1.8130, and a few moments later, I was positive by 40 pips. I was tempted to take the money and get out. But I have a profit target at a previous level of support and resistance, where price stopped cold several times this year, and as recently as just a week ago. People were yelling and screaming around me to get out of the trade as it went into the red, but I am holding out for 1.8600. That s 470 pips away, but it can get there. I made up my mind before I took the trade today (see Figure 8.1). 63
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