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In Search of Amazing Profits
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I clicked through every screen in the software to learn about the different trades I could take, and I read an article about how currency pairs were quoted. I learned that currencies traded in pairs, meaning when you traded currency you were always buying one currency and selling another, or selling one currency and buying another. You could not trade currency just as a stand-alone financial instrument and that made sense. Here is what I read: If you think the U.S. Dollar is going up, you have to ask yourself: going up against what Obviously, another currency. So you choose a currency that it is going up against, and you buy that other currency. And because you buy it with U.S. Dollars, you are selling Dollars and buying that other currency. It took a while to sink in, but within a couple of hours, I was a former filing clerk turned currency guru. I knew the major currencies were the Euro (EUR), the Great Britain Pound (GBP), the Japanese Yen (JPY), and of course, the U.S. Dollar (USD). I figured out how to read a currency quote. This is what one looks like: GBP/USD 1.8000/1.8005 This meant that the Great Britain Pound against the U.S. Dollar could be sold for 1.8000, and could be bought for 1.8005. Simple enough. I also learned that if the Pound moved from 1.8000 to 1.8001, just one point, that would be called a one pip move a pip, in other words, referred to a Percentage in Point in the world of foreign exchange. And the software was going to tell me how to do all this stuff. The next morning I submitted all the necessary documents to open a trading account at a firm suggested by the Amazing Forex people. Within 24 hours, I was promised that I could fund my account with a credit card. More waiting, and this time it would be even more excruciating. Imagine the profits I was missing out on! All night, I had watched as the software called for buys and sells on currency pairs. Trade after trade was profitable. On a sheet of paper next to my computer, I calculated the point gains I could have made just by following along: over 110. It was going to be difficult to concentrate on my job that day knowing that I was letting more of the same profits go by. The challenge was not going to be making the money it was going to be finding a way to trade as much as possible. I hadn t slept that night, but it had been worth it. More motivated than ever to start trading, I felt invigorated and determined that during my lunch break that day I would schedule out all the times of day that I could trade. Although it would require me to get less sleep and steal some time from my employer, the payoff would be huge. Definitely worth any sacrifice!
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Most people never do anything about their problems. When I was 10, I broke my Tommy Baseball Home Run Challenge electronic handheld game. After realizing that I could not fix it by shaking the game, or reinserting the batteries backwards, or praying to God, I hid the device away deep in my closet, behind the winter blankets and underneath my T-ball uniform. I put it there for two reasons. First, so my parents would not discover that I had broken an expensive toy when I celebrated a home run by spiking the game to the floor as if it were a football. The second reason I knew that underneath the protective and magical cloth of my T-ball uniform, there was a chance that the baseball gods would heal the toy and bring it back to life. I learned soon enough that this was not a useful method for fixing my problems. When my parents divorced later on that year, it became clear that simply hiding my father underneath my T-ball uniform was not going to keep my parents from yelling at each other (and in any case, the game was still using that space under the uniform). But hiding my problems, or storing my biggest challenges away in a closet, became one of my most frequently utilized methods for approaching difficulties in my life. But when I purchased the Amazing Forex Profits software, I took control of my financial situation. I was doing something. This felt really good. I knew that my wife would be skeptical, so it was important to hide my decision from her at first. This small deception would turn out to be an inconsequential necessity on the road to riches. When she understood how much money I could make, it would seem less like a lie and more like a surprise. Surprise is actually a good word to describe how we both felt about the results.
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