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A Trip to the Thirty-First Floor
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Well, catch up on some of your corporations material because we re going to form an in-house forex fund, and we re going to need a lot of help on that. We ve got investors from all over the place some in mainland China, some in the Middle East. Will probably raise some eyebrows and need some background checks. This is not just the ordinary setup. We re putting five billion behind this to start. Five billion dollars Whoa! I am happy he hadn t asked how much money I was making on my trades. Tell that to Herb when you get back. Tell him we might need some help with the fund and he should call me. All I could say was, Will do, and then I got out of the conference room as quickly as I could stumble over myself. I walked across the entire trading floor to make my way back. Once again, it seemed as if time stood still for me while it moved for everyone else. I felt like I was on a people mover, or a ride at Disneyland; I couldn t quite wrap my head around what I was watching and hearing. It didn t matter that I took my time, anyway, because I knew my trade was okay, and I knew that I wanted to soak up as much of this experience as possible. This was a wild ride that I was going to have to repeat. On the way back to the office, I hoped that Anderson and I could talk again. Imagine how much he could teach me about currency trading! Since I knew that my trade had done well, I stopped by Herb s office first. Poking my head in his office, I gave him a thumbs-up sign, to let him know I had delivered the letter. He was talking on the phone, had two other attorneys in the office with him, but still took the time out to say, Don t ever misplace a file again, or you re fired. I don t know what came over me at that point, maybe all the yelling and testosterone from the 31st floor had rubbed off on me. I looked him in the eye and said: Well, don t look in the wrong place next time, or you ll have to call me again. Then I walked away, positive that I was going to get fired and feeling really good that I had stood up for myself. Wow! Just a few minutes in the midst of all those traders, and I had recaptured my optimism. It hit me so hard when it came back that I got chills up my spine. I could be working down on the 31st floor, I told myself. If I wanted to, I could work there. And if Herb fired me, I could just start trading on my own. I should be trading for a living already. That was where I belonged. The job didn t really matter. The overdue rent didn t matter. The credit card debt seemed so much smaller. No matter how suddenly I had found this new path, it was pointing in the right direction. And I was going to take it. As I walked down the hall, I heard Herb loudly call to the other attorneys, Well, let s hope to God he didn t talk to Anderson that way. Head of
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trading for the entire operation, and he probably walked in there and told him to find his own letters from now on. I stopped cold. The head of all trading Anderson The thin, pale guy with the Nerd Club for Men glasses That s the person I had talked to Most excellent! My new friend on the 31st floor was a master trader! The wheels started turning in my head. Could I go back down there Could I ask him a bunch of questions about currencies Would he offer me a job What would I say In this moment of supreme confidence, it seemed like a great idea. Even if Anderson didn t want to sit and talk about currencies with me he was certainly a very busy man maybe he would let me just watch the traders for a while and learn while sitting there. Yes! That was a good idea. I literally propped myself up against my cubicle to keep from falling. How much time had just passed Twenty minutes from the time I went downstairs until now An hour at the most Maybe I should go back down there immediately and ask if I could watch the traders for the rest of the day. But I had a trade to check on. How much profit had I made Another $300 More When I get a flash of euphoric optimism, I believe that I am king of the world and all humanity should bow down before me and do my bidding. I found Scott in the break room pouring himself a gigantic cup of coffee. He smiled when he saw me. You re gonna be happy. I knew it! I knew it! Tell me the good news. You got 20 pips, bro! Pips Points. They call them pips in the forex market. Just 20 Not more He lowered his voice, like he was about to tell me a secret. Well, it was something like four hundred dollars in profit. I knew he was lying. Making $400 was impossible on the trade if he just got 20 points, or pips. I had traded again for $10 per point, and he had made 20 pips. That was $200, not $400. I told him this. Well, that s true. But I exited your trade at 10 pips when the software told me to get out. And it kept moving up, so fast, so I got in again. I was nervous, happy, and upset all at the same time. You got in again Did the software tell you to No, but it was moving up fast! I had to get a piece of that for you. And you got 10 more pips Yep. I traded three times your usual trade size so I could make more money for each point. Oh, gosh, I thought. I had never thought of that. I could trade for more value per point, or pip, when I really thought the market was moving fast.
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