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version DMMCPsu in this case. The power supply can be set to one of three desired states: PSU state EPsuOff EPsuOnCurLimit PSU is turned off. PSU is turned on in a current limited mode: some supplies can be turned on in a mode that supplies a limited amount of current to the card. If a card draws excessive current then this causes PSU output voltage droop, which can be detected. Normally the PSU is only placed in this mode for a brief period, before being turned fully on. For PSUs that don t support current limit mode, this state is treated in the same way as EPsuOnFull. PSU is turned fully on. De nition
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While the supply is in either of its ON states, it can be con gured to monitor the PSU output voltage level every second. The method used to perform voltage checking varies between platforms. If the voltage level goes out of range, then the PSU is immediately turned off. This PSU object also implements a bus inactivity timer (using the same 1 second tick). The controller resets the timer on each transfer over the bus. The PSU object can be con gured so that if the timer is allowed to expire, this causes the associated socket to be powered down. The programmers creating a new phone platform set the duration of the inactivity period. Similarly, each type of controller provides a derived version of the class DMediaChangeBase, which handles the insertion and removal of media on the socket. The derived class interfaces with the media change hardware providing noti cation of media change events. DPBusSocket also owns a power handler object, iPowerHandler. It registers this with the kernel-side power manager to receive noti cation of phone transitions into the standby or off state, and transitions out of standby, back into the active state. The socket object combines status information from its power supply, media change and power handler objects into an overall power state, iState. The following six different socket states are de ned: Power state EPBusCardAbsent EPBusOff De nition Either no card is present or the media door is open. The media door is closed and a card is present, but it is not powered up.
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Power state EPBusPoweringUp
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De nition A request has been received from the local media sub-system or an I/O driver to power up the card and this is now in progress. This normally involves applying power, waiting for the PSU to stabilize, applying a hardware reset to the card and, nally, interrogating the capabilites of the card.
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EPBusPowerUpPending A request has been received to power up the card just as the phone is being placed in standby mode. Power up is deferred until the phone comes out of standby. EPBusOn The card has successfully been powered up and initialized. In the process of powering up the card, it has been discovered that the power supply range for the card is not compatible with that of the host phone, or a hardware problem with the card has resulted in it drawing excessive current. The card is now powered off and no more power up requests will be accepted on this socket until a new card is inserted (that is, a media change event occurs).
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I ve assumed one physical card slot per socket object to simplify these descriptions. Figure 13.10 shows the power state transition diagram. Referring still to Figure 13.9, clients of a controller, such as media drivers, use the TPBusCallBack class to implement peripheral bus event service routines. These objects must be con gured with details of the bus event concerned, and then queued on the appropriate socket object. The event of interest can be either a peripheral bus interrupt or a change in the status of the socket power state. Each TPBusCallBack object has an associated callback function supplied by the client, and, once queued, this is called on each occurrence of the event until the object is de-queued again. In the case of power state changes, information is passed to the callback indicating the new power state. Each DPBusPrimaryMedia object owns a callback object, iBusCallBack, which it queues with the corresponding socket object for noti cation of power state changes. Of primary interest are card insertion/removal events, which it passes on to the local media LDD to trigger user-side media change noti cation. Power-down events are also
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