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Viral Evasion of the Interferon System: Novel Targets for Drug Discovery
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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Northern Arizona University
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The paradigms of antiviral drug discovery have resulted in the pursuit of the classical targets of virus replication known to all students of virology; namely, attachment, penetration, uncoating, replication, maturation, and release. Yet, the ongoing battles of evolution have produced a host of other potential antiviral drug targets that to date have not been exploited to alter the course of virus-induced disease. Viruses and their hosts have coevolved and therefore have developed the means to contain and/or to evade one another. Vertebrate hosts have complex immune systems. In order for a virus to survive, it must replicate amidst the onslaught of the host immune defenses. Interferons (IFNs) play a key role in establishing this armament that triggers the activation of interferon-stimulated genes and elicits an antiviral state to curb viral infections. In response, viruses have evolved mechanisms to circumvent the interferon-induced defenses. Nearly fty years ago, Isaacs and Lindenmann identi ed and described the antiviral and cytostatic properties of interferons.1 These pathways are increasingly more complex. The dynamic process of viral evasion of the host IFN system can be attributed to the many years of coevolution and adaptation of viruses to produce proteins that downregulate IFN production, or block the actions of the products of this pathway. This is a rapidly expanding research arena and yields an array of potential targets for therapeutic intervention with viral infections. We do not pretend to review this eld exhaustively, but simply point out here some ndings of relevance to the domain of emerging diseases and biodefense concerns.
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Antiviral Drug Discovery for Emerging Diseases and Bioterrorism Threats. Edited by Paul F. Torrence Copyright # 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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