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6. It is not possible at present to deduce which genes of in uenza govern virulence. It is quite likely that all eight genes contribute to virulence. Additionally, there may need to be an equable t between particular genes of particular in uenza A viruses. Even the virulence of the 1918 pandemic virus is not understood. Therefore, at the present moment, it would not be possible to deliberately construct a hypervirulent in uenza A virus. 7. Recent techniques such as reverse genetics could be applied to the construction of a hypervirulent in uenza A virus should data become available on precise gene structures causing virus virulence within the next 2 3 years. Until this time, a bioterror scienti c program would be restricted to using random gene inserts and subsequent animal passage selection of potentially new hypervirulent viruses. This would entail a large scienti c team and extensive facilities and resources. It is unlikely that any country would be able to initiate such a program without leakage of knowledge into the scienti c community. 8. The old Greek Hippocratic oath may need to be revisited for scientists to discourage their skills being used under any guise which could result in the construction of hypervirulent in uenza or other viruses. 9. The WHO is encouraging every country to produce a pandemic plan dealing with decisions about priority groups for in uenza vaccines, antivirals and vaccine stockpiling, and intensive surveillance. These important documents could double as a counter-bioterrorist plan. 10. New technologies of the use of mammalian (Vero and MDCK) cells for in uenza vaccine production will increase world capacity very signi cantly and allow more rapid vaccine production to cope with production surge during the lead up to a pandemic or a deliberate release. 11. New and existing developments with killed intranasally applied vaccines, live attenuated viruses, new adjuvants, or new virus vectors provide extra security against emergence of a novel in uenza A virus. 12. Each country should now stockpile anti-in uenza A M2 blockers and NIs for one-half of the population for immediate use. Seed vaccine stocks for H1-16 should also be prepared and stockpiled to blunt the rst wave with a vaccine that would, at the very least, provide immunological priming even in the absence of detectable HIA antibody.
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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors were supported by a grant from the Wellcome Trust. Retroscan Virology is part of the EU Network of Excellence for Antiviral Drug Reistance (VIRGIL).
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