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Soon you ll see the documentation components required for successful ITA implementation of security controls in modern enterprises of all kinds that utilize computer information systems, networks, and data applications that do financial processing or house confidential information. The order of doing the ITA design work is important. Just as buildings are rarely constructed from the roof down, when certain computer technology components are chosen that become foundations for follow-on components, the rest of the effort necessary for the design, documentation, and implementation all become easier to achieve within the overall systems environment one layer at a time. The foundation-first principle is truer in the technology field. There is a succession of thought that must follow a line of natural progression to develop the architecture from nothing for a new organization or from an as-is condition for one already invested with computer systems and applications to a new or desired vision state. The vision state or to be may also be called the target state or desired target or even target condition. You will see one path of this progression in 3 where the documentation process begins with business objectives and builds from there to successively include more detailed and often more complex documentation, each building on the documents that preceded its own development.
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Seeing Caution Flags
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All too often a CEO or CIO allows a single contractor or a mix of vendors to quickly decide what is in the best interest of the project or what best meets the company s needs in a given area of technology. This is as understandable as it is pitiful. The principal cause for this situation is the time pressure to get it done right now, which frequently gets in the way of getting it done right. Unfortunately, vendors rarely have time to sufficiently understand a client s business needs and are also reluctant to suggest a competing product as the best fit to solve a problem.
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Information Technology Architecture in Information
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Companies on both sides of the contractor/contracting relationship rarely have sufficient time or all the in-house talent necessary to get every piece of the technology puzzle 100 percent correct in the specification or within the implementation process. Correct in this instance means performing to a standard as good as it can be, given the current technology available. Shortcomings always exist in request-for-proposal specifications or in a project s management or within the implementation and delivery, hence the incredible forced popularity of the usually undesirable and expensive changeorder process. Failure to apply a methodical design process is manifested in the worst situations where a technology consulting contract takes shape in only days or weeks and is given an expected delivery duration of 9 to 12 months, and after 3 years, the consultant still occupies a corner office. The company s comptroller is still writing or approving checks for cashing in a faraway bank. To add insult to injury, the original project scope is not finished yet and few if any of the original project deliverables perform as envisioned by the management group that first approved the project. You can prevent this kind of scenario by having appropriate information technology architecture and an established process for information technology architecture design, changes, and redesign, and the necessary documentation. A repeatable ITA process is fundamental to preventing costly, even disastrous projects from wasting resources.
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Increased Technical Complexity
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Historical architecture models or starting frameworks such as those originally presented by J. A. Zachman in the IBM Systems Journal (Vol. 26, No. 3, 1987) are great at organizing both the questions that need answering and the array of perspectives required in considering the design views. However, they rarely provide the means to achieve the levels of detail really needed in a successful architecture design project. From the perspective of the interfaces, the earlier approaches are a great starting point, but all too often, they do not capture the multidimensional nature of the many relationships and flow-of-data interfaces required to make current applications work within the systems environment or complex interconnected networks and N-tier systems commonly in use today. You and your organization are on the way to being better prepared to answer the question: How do you handle the issues of identity, authentication, and access control in your information technology environment to meet access control objectives With the added emphasis today on compliance with government regulatory agencies requirements to first provide accurate data to the agencies and the public, and with the groundswell of cases of identity theft in the morning news, appropriate access control strategies become critical to every computer environment.
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