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Blending Science and Art
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At a very fundamental level, Sarbanes-Oxley is calling for the genteel merging of the science of accounting and auditing with the science and art of information systems design. If there were no computers or calculation machines of any type, all of the SOX controls would be relegated to the physical world of locks and keys, combinations, paper trails, and security guards. Because computers and applications and Internet access are integrated into so much of what is done today in business and private lives, stepping up of the controls in the
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Information Technology Architecture in Information
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digital world is long past needed. It is easy to predict that SOX over time will prove to be just another in a long line of access control quality issues facing organizations. The time to meet the security controls challenge and lay the new digital control foundation is now. That bridge to the design of desired state of access controls is what this book is about. The science and art of applying architecture principles will get you there.
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Seeing the Whole Picture
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Security controls must be dealt with in a complete context. You can t just check a box because you are using SSL to secure the data transmission and are requiring a user ID and password. Yes, those steps are necessary, but they re only two of many layers and dimensions that must be considered individually and collectively to achieve adequate control mechanisms over access and data. Applying a systematic method of ITA design principles and enforcement documentation is the way to succeed. The documents resulting from the ITA effort capture the requirements for the controls, provide the basis for implementation, facilitate operations and ongoing management, become input into any needed analysis or change process, and provide proof of due diligence during audits. When the ITA process relating to security controls is ongoing, it shows an expected level of due care. Reaching a fundamental understanding of what ITA is and how to recognize it is necessary. Technology terms are often used inappropriately, creating confusion. This is often true of the use of the word architecture when applied in the context of IT. Some in the IT field, in sales pitches or design discussions, present something way less than architecture and call it architecture anyway. Others with a business operations focus or in management roles think they know what IT architecture is, although they cannot explain to you what it means to them or, more importantly, what benefits it can bring to their IT operations or in meeting the organization s business goals and objectives. What s often being passed off as architecture is more like IT confusion or a game of my picture is better than your picture. This book provides you with some valuable insights into what constitutes ITA. More important, it will help you learn how to systematize your thinking on the subject and become better able to properly document your organization s technology plans and designs. Using the process of ITA design for security controls will, within a short time period, help you and your organization achieve a bold and understandable architectural model for successfully designing for the currently critical security areas of identity management, access control, and authentication. The process provides a basis for creating adequate protection of private or protected information and data in your information systems designs and projects.
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My own transition from a facilities management specialist working with hundreds of building architects and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers on scores of construction projects over a 10-year period to an IT specialist made the concept of IT architecture easy to grasp but the details equally elusive. The effort and person-hours necessary to design and fully document an IT architecture supporting a complex heterogeneous enterprise scattered over a large geographical area with diverse lines of business and operational requirements is a daunting task. When it is divided into smaller building blocks or subcomponents, the job is much easier to envision and actually complete and implement during the build phase.
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