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It s All in the Details
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A portrait frame is not an integral part of a displayed oil painting, but it can make or break the effect the painting has on the viewer. When a painting s frame is carefully selected so that it and painting to work together, they become nearly inseparable in the eye of the beholder. The IT architecture security and access controls designers are on the opposite end of the challenge spectrum. Like it or not, they are dealt a multifaceted framework in which to operate. The framework is very much in place, and they must be fully aware of the implications of its existence and impact. Their framework is also likely to change on the side of additional control requirements over time. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking the time to seek out the framework s details and document them to benefit the design team s work. Multinational companies, for example, need to know exactly how operating security access controls and protecting privacy information differ across borders. This knowledge enables designers to find the toughest common denominator and design to that standard, or to isolate and design to the exceptions if that strategy proves most cost-effective. Within the United States, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the Gramm-LeachBliley Act (the Financial Modernization Act of 1999) all play important roles in determining what must be included in access control, identity accountability, and audit features for computer systems that support operating your business. Companies that do business across state borders must design access controls and privacy protection strategies that will meet the regulatory requirements within all the states in which they do business.
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Combining External Forces, Internal Influences, and IT Assets
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Sizing Up the Framework
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After the design team has garnered all of the internal and external influences, it must turn each of the details into finite technical requirements for the design of access controls and data protection measures. To begin the process, list the legal and regulatory requirements as the top bar of the framework. Then translate each law or regulation into the technical requirements. The desires of internal constituents also deserve consideration. Employees may want to choose whether their personal information held by human resources can be shared over the Internet, for example. The technical requirement for that would be an on-off Internet flag in the directory that controls access to the employee HR (human resources Web applications. External constituencies may want to post information to company message boards on such matters as global warming or environmental cleanup. A company could facilitate the message board on a by-name basis to build good will and get some positive PR with green-sensitive groups. All organizations and their IT architecture design efforts will be enhanced from taking the time to recognize outside influences (see Figure 4-1) that inevitably becomes expectations surrounding the design work. These expectations can be translated into design requirements when practical. There is also benefit in knowing ahead of time which ones cannot be reasonably met.
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Figure 4-1 Influences create a framework for IT designs.
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The array of framework elements must be translated into thorough requirements of sufficient detail for the technical staff to understand what must be done within the programming tools and within the applications and programs.
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Understanding Business Drivers
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After considering external influences, the architecture design team must capture the effect on design of the internal business drivers as completely as possible. Using more technology to solve every problem in an organization s portfolio is not always the answer. Business drivers are multifaceted. Drivers such as international competition, external regulatory power, and growing stockholder influence can impact the direction of a company on a large scale. Those types of external drivers filter down into technical requirements for an IT architecture team to develop. Other business drivers originate within the IT division and, if allowed to proceed, not only influence the technical design criteria but have the potential to exert a positive influence on a company. Often these internal drivers are discounted, set aside because management is too quick to try to tie them directly to the financial bottom line with some return on investment criteria. The most popular buzzword in IT discussions and trade journals lately is ROI (return on investment). Some very necessary investments in technology may never have a traceable and readily quantifiable return. Some investments will only keep your company in business and the returns (gains) will have to be found elsewhere. Providing an ROI case for every technology investment is difficult at best, particularly for those investments whose successful result can only be expressed as, Our data was not stolen and our systems have not been hacked. Consider the perceived value of security investments. What factors force security requirements in your organization In most companies using computer systems, the adequacy and effectiveness of overall security controls and the capability to audit the accuracy and propriety of financial processes and reports are at least in part reliant on the success of the entire body of computer controls. How do you quantify an ROI on investments that improve overall security of access controls and protection of valuable data when management s perception is that the data is already protected