Getting through rejection in .NET framework

Printer UPC - 13 in .NET framework Getting through rejection
Getting through rejection
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One of the messages coaches give out loud and clear is that it s a normal part of growth not to be chosen for any given role or assignment. If you set out your stall to be successful then you need to be prepared to learn from the experience of being rejected. Often a valid reason exists and you can benefit from the disappointment. One of the most valuable approaches to rejection is to embrace change and disappointments from the mindset that it s simply feedback rather than failure. For every company that wins a piece of work, several others lost the work. For every successful candidate at an interview, a number got a rejection call. Rejection is not about you as a person, but about your skills and style not being appropriate at this time for this company or customer. Winners stay professional and persist for the long term. Confident people welcome feedback and continue to learn.
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15: Demonstrating Confidence in the Workplace
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Taking on tips for job interviews
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In any situation in life, you will be more confident if you know what to expect and you feel well prepared. A job interview isn t something you experience all that often, so take advantage of the many books and any training you are offered to help you interview well. Even the most mundane of jobs often attract many more applications than the employer can easily handle. In the initial sifting phase, almost any excuse is used to disqualify a CV from the pile of applications, so if you re called for interview, congratulate yourself for being one of the few to get through the sift. The interview itself is structured in simple stages: The first few minutes are all about establishing the channel of communication, or rapport. You need to listen actively as the interviewer outlines key information about the organisation and the job. The attention turns to you next as you and the interviewer investigate how your particular mix of capability, experience, and aspiration can generate value in the job. A short closing-down phase enables you to ask any remaining questions. This is the ideal with a trained HR professional. The interviewer s task is to eliminate candidates who won t help to create the value the company is looking to generate. Above all, make sure you are never guilty of these top confidence-related reasons for rejection at interview stage: Lack of planning: Being unable to express clear purpose and goals. Passive and indifferent behaviour: Failing to express interest and enthusiasm, lack of vitality, poor eye contact. Poor confidence and poise: Appearing ill at ease and unduly nervous. You have one further task as an interviewee that sets you apart from the pack. Within 24 hours, drop your interviewer a personal note thanking them for their time, and for being so helpful and informative. Confirm whether or not you remain interested in the post and, if you are, tell them you are looking forward to the next stage in the process. Don t revisit any of your answers or ask a further question at this stage. Your note is by way of a simple thank-you and confirmation to your interviewer, and doesn t require a reply. Not one in a hundred candidates shows this simple courtesy.
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Part V: Engaging Others
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Taming the threat of redundancy
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Since it is jobs or roles that get made redundant, and not people, you can only be made redundant if you see yourself as your job. You may find yourself out of work for a while, and it certainly won t be of your choosing, but you will avoid the quite ridiculous and yet soul-destroying label of being redundant yourself. Fully embrace the notion of work being something you choose to do for yourself and sometimes often you pursue this through a job role. Now you have a clear distinction between the work you have taken on in the world and the medium through which you are currently engaged in your work. This is a far healthier relationship to your job and one that allows you to have much more personal power. The way forward is to hold on to who you are and your true purpose and find the work or lifestyle that fits for you right now. Hold on to the idea that this is merely a transition in your life. Confidence is about accepting and embracing the energy of the change and finding the positive lesson for you. Ask someone who has been made redundant six months after the event, and many will tell you that it was the best thing that happened to them it gave them freedom to move on and was a catalyst for change. As a good example: When the British heavy industries of coal mining and shipbuilding were closed down over a 20-year period, hundreds of thousands of workers lost their jobs. Many of these workers had been miners or shipbuilders all their lives, and their fathers before them. Their identity was bound up in being a miner, and since the government had no more use for miners it had no further use for them. They were literally without use and useless; they were finished. Many of them reached retirement age without ever working again. In stark contrast, thousands of others took their redundancy pay and used it to build new lives, either starting their own businesses or moving away to parts of the country where there were more and different jobs. The ones who moved on saw the problem for what it was: Their heavy-industry jobs were gone forever and they needed to find different kinds of jobs. The rest embraced prolonged unemployment with their proud industrial identities intact.
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