Finding Your Own Style in Visual Studio .NET

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Finding Your Own Style
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The key to dressing for success is finding a style that works for you and the way you spend your life. It s hardly sensible to invest all your clothing budget in expensive designer suits if you re spending most of your time at home with young children.
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Part IV: Communicating Your Confidence
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Pacing, leading, and reframing
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For many years, Brinley wore a tie, white shirt, and dark suit to work, like many men in the office. There were few actual rules about the dress code, but a strong sense that it was the convention, and it was expected. Towards the millennium, this enduring convention broke down quickly. Many otherwise staid and solid organisations introduced dress-down days when suits were out; a few businesses banned suits altogether in pursuit of a cool, hip new image to echo the post-millennium new economy. Mature businessmen like Brinley were thrown into sartorial crisis. They shopped for chinos and designer shirts and called in the image consultants to redress the management team. After a period of wardrobe clearing, Brinley came to enjoy going to the office in brown loafers and no tie, confident that his new look supported his new position of executive coach and business consultant. After the bursting of the bubble, however, the new dress-down look became linked with flaky, irresponsible management. Brinley faced a classic dilemma: He was unwilling to give up his freedom when organisations reverted to suits and ties. He wanted to be true to his new position and style of presenting himself to his clients, but he also knew that some people in business consider not wearing a tie to be showing disrespect. A coaching colleague came to his rescue by pointing out that although what he wore to do his work was irrelevant to its value, it could get in the way of his audience s ability or willingness to take fully on board the important knowledge he would be delivering to them. Thus, in order to lead his clients to a better world, Brinley first had to pace them by showing them that he could be an empathetic and valid member of the world they inhabited currently. This change of view, or reframe , has completely resolved Brinley s dilemma. By far the most important aspect of his work is the personal transformation he helps his clients to achieve; everything else is secondary. He now wears ties frequently and suffers the jokes of his colleagues asking whether he is attending job interviews.
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Image consultants can be worth their weight in gold by helping you find the clothes that work hardest for you. Don t be put off, thinking that consultants are just for the rich and famous or only for business people. An independent, professional eye can save you making costly mistakes. We don t subscribe to the view that the only way to feel confident in how you look is to lose loads of weight or go under the cosmetic
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13: Looking the Part
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surgeon s knife. No one we know is perfectly slim, trim, and beautiful all the time. The art, as any image consultant worth their fee will tell you, is to show off your best assets and minimise those you re less proud of. So our advice is to get style savvy. Work out what suits you best, and buy clothes to fit your lifestyle and body shape as it is right now today not some future image of yourself. You probably already know yourself what you feel best in, but it also helps to have a second opinion to stop you getting too set in your ways. A new look is a great confidence booster. So engage the services of a style consultant or invite your most honest and stylish friend to do a kind and objective review with you. You could make a party of swapping clothes amongst friends and selling those that no longer work for you for profit or charity. According to the 80/20 principle we explain in 9, you wear 20 per cent of your clothes 80 per cent of the time. Think how much easier it would be if you only owned what is right for you just now. Dress so that you feel comfortable in styles that flatter your body rather than fight it. Find out which colours suit your skin colouring by talking to a colour consultant and stick to a restricted palette then you ll find that colours mix and match easily. If you diet to become leaner, remember that when you hit your target weight you re in a perfect position to go out and treat yourself to a new wardrobe, giving away the baggier stuff to a friend or charity shop with a smug expression on your face. Limit the amount of patterned fabric in your wardrobe, especially if you bought it in a chain store people will just remember you wearing it again and you ll get fed up with it.
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