Part III: Building Your Confident Self in Visual Studio .NET

Encode GTIN - 13 in Visual Studio .NET Part III: Building Your Confident Self
Part III: Building Your Confident Self
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Your experience of life appears to be very closely tied to the way you are in the world, whichever theory you prefer. What you get back does, in a very real sense, reflect what you put out, so use it to help you create the world you want.
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Finding what you re looking for
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This book contains many tools and techniques to help you create the life you want and attract to you the people and material things you need to make it happen. But there is no mechanism that will deliver to you what you want and need unless you are clear and consistent at some level about what that is. Our definition of ultimate confidence is your ability to take any action you need to take in order to achieve any outcome you want to create. But it s all worth nothing if you don t know what you want. That s why so much of this book is about helping you to work out what you truly want from life, at your most confident best.
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Feeling Your Power
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When you really start to get the results promised by the thinking in this book, it greatly enhances a wonderful power in your life. You have a wider sense of choice and a greater appreciation of your own free will. The way you achieve this is by using your will to break the endless patterns of action and reaction, and superseding them with your own free choices that create new patterns of action and reaction. In earlier times mercy and grace were the ultimate expressions of princely power. A powerful prince could defeat his enemies, enemies unto death , and then, through the exercise of clemency, let them off scot-free. And this was considered something that no ordinary human being was able to do. Well, you can do it too, in many areas of your life, and doing so liberates you. Once you are on your own chosen path, refusing to let other people or events divert you, you re free.
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Appreciating a new way of being
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Once you master your ability to take action consistent with your core values and in pursuit of your chosen life s purpose, you are, to all intents and purposes, unstoppable. You can then adopt the guaranteed success formula.
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10: Stretching Yourself Mentally
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This is: you know what you want, you decide on your strategy, you take the action and then the next appropriate action steered by the reaction you got to the previous action. You have total behavioural flexibility, well-formed outcomes, and the drive and desire to achieve your goals that can only come from the core of your being. You won t stop until you succeed. This is the most powerful version of yourself, free in the world to do your work. You will have total freedom of choice and action. You cause effects because you will them to occur. You need no other reason. The formulation of your goals and their acquisition become two ends of a seamless continuum. This is a new way of being, and it is based on your willingness to understand who and how you are being today, and then assiduously working through everything that is holding you back. The key to this new way of being is your ability to take action and your belief in yourself as an integrated human being, more than equal to anything life throws at you.
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Trusting it will be okay
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Because you are confident in your ability to do anything you need to create the life you want for yourself and your family, your life takes on a simpler structure. You become like a good golfer on a beginners course. You drive beyond the bunkers and render them irrelevant. You hit over the corners and the water hazards, arriving on the putting greens with shots in hand. Because you re always ahead of the game, you re comfortable and relaxed in your putting, feeling less pressure and making fewer mistakes. You build momentum as you progress through your round and play an even better game at the end than you did at the beginning. Even if you don t play golf, this is a great metaphor for your life. In golf, you have a ball and a maximum of 14 clubs of differing sizes to hit it with. Once you start, no help or external intervention is available until you finish. You play your best golf when you are confident that wherever your ball ends up, no matter what bad luck strikes you, you will always be able to play the next shot. Even when you make a mistake, you can learn from it and become a better golfer in time to play the next hole. And you continue in this way until you finish the course. In life, too, you can learn to trust yourself and make your plays. They will come off more often than not and what you take on will exhilarate and challenge you in equal measure. Live this way and trust it will be okay. This is how you are meant to live.
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