Stretching Yourself Mentally in VS .NET

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Stretching Yourself Mentally
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Exploring your comfort zone Looking towards the future Receiving what you need Developing your power
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he truth behind the advice Enjoy life; this is not a dress rehearsal underlines the fact that you cannot always prepare for what life throws your way, and if you attempt to insulate yourself from the unexpected, you end up missing out on so much of the richness that life has to offer. Do you remember the test in the fairytale, The Princess and the Pea To find out whether the visitor is royal, the courtiers trick her into sleeping on a pile of ten mattresses with a simple, garden pea hidden underneath the bottom one. Being an authentic princess, she is unable to sleep due to the discomfort this causes her, and next morning she is full of complaints about the lumpy mattresses. This is as much as we learn about this princess, but we know from other fairytales that princesses are often unable to eat normal food, they are allergic to dust and grime, cannot bear to be questioned or contradicted, are paralysed by the least setback, and their lives seem much less easy than they should be. Despite all their privileges (or because of them) fairytale royalty seems less able to cope with life than simple, ordinary folk. Like a lot of folk literature, there is a truth at the heart of these princess tales. They are about human beings who have shrunk in stature and capabilities because they have never had to stretch to meet a challenge. Facing up to difficulties is one of the most important drivers of all human growth. In this chapter, we show you how to embrace the challenges life places your way and use them as stepping stones to your full confidence and power in the world.
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Part III: Building Your Confident Self
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Expanding Your Comfort Zone
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What we mean by your comfort zone is a lot more than your physical environment. Comfort zone, a term in widespread use in psychology and personal development, mostly refers to aspects of your mental environment, the one you have created for yourself. Think of it as your den, the place where you feel truly relaxed just being yourself. It s familiar, it s easy, and it s comfortable. You can readily see how even the most comfortable of dens becomes boring and over-restrictive if you never get out of it. But your psychological comfort zone is different from your den at home in one important respect it s slowly shrinking! Unless you take steps to expand it again, it will squeeze you to death. To be a healthy human being, you have to be able to stretch your mental environment from time to time. You grow much more quickly in confidence if you accept your need to expand. Here s another useful analogy. Imagine yourself lying in bed on a cold and stormy night. Outside the wind is howling and you can hear the rain lashing against the windowpanes. Inside, though, you are cosy and protected under your duvet. As long as you stay put you feel that you can see the storm through in comfort. But how good a guide are your immediate feelings of comfort If the storm goes on for a while, you are liable to get hungry, and if the wind takes off your roof, you are going to be extremely uncomfortable and perhaps fall into danger. In these circumstances, your bed isn t going to offer you any real protection, and you need to get out and find a safer place. You won t find your storm cellar so comfortable but it s a better place to be in a storm. You might want to prepare one. Comfort is a poor guide in life; it s an illusion that is entirely subjective and relative to the moment. You may usually baulk at a cold shower, but if you re on a camping safari and the temperature outside is 105 degrees, a cold shower out of a bucket might seem a luxury. Comfort always depends upon context.
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