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4 Starting an XP Project
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Usability: The extent to which intended users of a system are able to achieve their objectives with the minimum of effort, confusion, and time. The system should incorporate an appropriate level of exibility for users to achieve success, provide a suitable level of support, and t in well with the operational environment in which it is to be used. Understandability: The effort required by users to recognize application concepts and their applicability to user tasks. Users will have some kind of conceptual model of the system; this may well be of the form if I see this screen and I am trying to carry out this task then the next thing I have to do is such and such. We will use a simple metaphor diagram in the next chapter to enable the designers to articulate different interface architectures and to analyze their suitability. In order to test whether a system is understandable, it is necessary to de ne a number of important tasks associated with the system and to see if representatives of typical users can carry these out satisfactorily (i.e., ef ciently and accurately). This can be done on paper or with a mock system and should be done early. Regular meetings with the client should focus on exploring this issue. It is often here that major problems can be identi ed before it is too late or expensive to x. Operability: The effort required by users to operate and control the application. We need to de ne some typical tasks, as we did above, and ask typical users to carry them out with the nished system. Such tests need to be de ned and discussed in the requirements document the client needs to agree that they are an appropriate way to demonstrate what they want the system to be capable of. If you apply these tests to the system and the performance of the trial users meets the level speci ed in the requirements document, then the client will be generally satis ed. Learnability: The ease with which an application s functions can be learned. Repeated, similar tasks can soon be learned but there will be many features that are used rarely, and these are often a cause of delays and mistakes. User interface design provides many practical and well-researched guidelines to enable effective and learnable systems to be built. From the ISO 9241 standard for usability in software and hardware design a number of other issues are identi ed such as system ef ciency (of time and resources), maintainability, portability, and so forth. This list of attributes is much larger than you will require. Select the most appropriate and concentrate on these.
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Specifying the Acceptable Level of an Attribute
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Having identi ed critical quality attributes, you need to specify what level or measure of each attribute is acceptable in your system. You should identify at least The worst acceptable level The planned level be ambitious, but remain realistic!
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4.9 Specifying and Measuring the Quality Attributes of the System
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The best level just to provide a marker for what might be technically possible but infeasible for you It might be useful to identify the current level (if there is an existing system to evaluate). These levels should be speci ed and measurable in quantitative terms or metrics. It is not good enough to specify that your system will be very ef cient, easy to use, or extremely adaptable. You must attempt to de ne operational, measurable criteria against which your system can be judged. This will lead on to de ning a set of tests that will establish whether the attribute has been delivered to the required level. We will look at testing in a later chapter, but it will often be important to identify, at least in general terms, what the testing approach will be. For example, if one of your usability criteria for your system is its suitability for the task: A measure of its effectiveness is the percentage of user goals achieved in a given time; A measure of its ef ciency is the time for a type of user to complete a set of tasks. A series of experiments (tests) could be organized in which users are asked to carry out some important tasks using the system; we would then be measuring how well these were carried out, how long it took, how many mistakes were made, and so forth. These experiments should be repeated with as many people as possible in order to get a useful result. Alternatively, a measure of satisfaction, for example, can be gained on a rating scale (e.g., a scale of 1 to 5) by using suitable questionnaires distributed to a selection of users during a trial period of evaluation. If access to real users is not possible in the timescale, you could use some of your friends, preferably those with a similar knowledge of computing, as the intended users of the system. For each numbered attribute, we will specify a quality level and eventually a test for determining whether it is met in the nal, delivered software.
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