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1 What Is an Agile Methodology
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In the case where there is an existing system that forms the basis of the development, the rst thing to do is to gain a clear understanding of what the current system does. This can be achieved, to a certain extent, by running the software and observing its behavior. A complete knowledge, however, will only be achieved by looking at the design in some detail. The design may not be reliable, and so we have to look at the source code. If this is written in a clear and simple fashion, then it will be possible to understand it well. If we could do this with a clear structure to the requirements document, we may have a chance of understanding things. If the original system was built in stages, gradually introducing new functionality in a controlled manner, we may be able to see where features that are no longer needed were introduced, and we can explore how we might evolve the software gradually by introducing, in stages, any new functionality and removing some of the old. Throughout, we need to consult the client. For projects that require a completely new system to be built, then time needs to be spent on identifying the business processes that will be supported by the new system, along with information about how current manual processes operate, if there are any. The more that is known about the users and their needs, the better. Thus we need the system to be built in such a way that the relationship between the requirements and the code is clear; and the code itself to be clear and understandable.
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The quality of software is a key issue for the industry although one that it has had great dif culty in addressing successfully. For real quality systems, we have to address two vital issues: identifying the right software to be built and demonstrating that this has been achieved. In terms of the types of faults that are often made in software development, we can identify two important types of faults: requirements faults (we tell the computer to do the wrong thing) and operational faults (the computer wrongly does the thing we told it to do). Neither problem is easy to deal with. The rst task is made more dif cult by the possible changing nature of the business need and the consequential requirement to adapt to a changing target. This is one of the key objectives of an agile methodology. However, it might be possible to nd a way of adapting and altering the software being built to re ect the developers changing understanding of the client s needs, but it is quite another to be sure that they have got the changes right. Here is where a strong relationship between the developers and the business they are trying to develop a system for is needed. It also requires a considerable amount of discussion and review both between the developers and the client and among the developers but also among the client s staff; they really do have to know where their company is going. Hence an agile methodology must be able to deal with identifying and maintaining a clear and correct understanding of the system being built. By correct we mean
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1.5 The Quality Agenda
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something that is acceptable to the client, a system that has the correct functional and non-functional attributes as well as being within budget and time. To satisfy such requirements, the agile methodology must provide support, not only for changing business needs but also for giving assurance that these are indeed the real requirements. In order to do this, there has to be a continuous process of discussion, question asking, and resolution based on clear and practical objectives. The second quality issue is that of ensuring that the delivered system meets its requirements. Here there are serious problems with almost all approaches. Despite the best intentions of many, testing and review are aspects of software engineering that are either done inadequately or too late to be effective. An approach to improving quality in a model like the waterfall model is called the V model (Fig. 1.3). Here each stage in the process provides the basis for testing of a particular type. We will discuss more about testing later. Some of the terms may seem unfamiliar at this stage; they are also not always distinct. However, the idea that, for example, the requirements could be used to de ne some of the acceptance tests, and so on, is a useful indication of what might be a practical approach to ensuring quality. In most development projects that are not completely chaotic, some attempt is also made to carry out reviews of the work done. This might be the review of requirements documents, designs, or code and should involve a number of people examining the documentation and code provided by the developers and inspecting it for aws of various types. The developers then have to address any concerns raised by the review. Human nature, being what it is, is such that developers are often reluctant to accept other people s opinions. In many cases where serious problems have been found, the developers will try to adjust and work around the problems rather than carry out signi cant reworking. In fact, one often sees the situation where the best solution is to start again with a component but the resistance to doing this is often profound. This just compounds the problems and is very hard to overcome. If a developer has spent a week or longer on some component that is then found to be seriously awed, they are
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