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Terziev I, Kiryakov A, Manov D. 2004. D 1.8.1. Base upper-level ontology (BULO) Guidance, report EU-IST Integrated Project (IP) IST-2003-506826 SEKT), 2004. Williams S. 2002. The Associative Model of Data. Second Edition, Lazy Software, Ltd. ISBN: 1-903453-01-1.
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Semantic Information Access
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Kalina Bontcheva, John Davies, Alistair Duke, Tim Glover, Nick Kings and Ian Thurlow
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Previous chapters have described the core technologies which underpin the Semantic Web. This chapter describes how these semantic web technologies can provide an improved user experience, through enhanced tools for accessing knowledge. The domain model implicit in an ontology can be used as a unifying structure to give information about a common representation and semantics. Once this unifying structure for heterogeneous information sources exists, it can be exploited to improve the performance of knowledge access tools. In this chapter, we look at the application of such technology to three aspects of knowledge access: semantic search and browse tools; the generation of information expressed in natural language from formal (ontological) knowledge bases (natural language generation); and the intelligent delivery of information to multiple end-user information appliances (device independence). Finally, we describe SEKTAgent, a knowledge management tool which illustrates the use of all three of these technologies.
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