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load generated by data distributors, such as messaging products that are used in publish and subscribe mode (sending data from a few distribution points to multiple receivers) and multicast traffic that won t appear in broadcast packet counts. Again, a network analyzer or sniffer is your best approach to locating the head end of this problem. Denial-of-service attacks. Rather than filling up the network with packets, a denial-of-service attack fills up a network service s input queue with bogus or invalid requests. It s possible to have a denial-of-service attack that doesn t absorb all available network bandwidth but that still brings a network service to its knees.
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Design and Operations Guidelines
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You don t want to experience false positives and perform complete network failovers simply to recover from a period of peak load or a spike in traffic caused by a poorly configured client. Network traffic nightmares tend to repeat; that is, if you bring down one network with a problem, the same hosts and same configuration on a redundant network are likely to bring that formerly clean network to a halt as well. We offer some guidelines for design and operation of networks here, as a precursor to redundancy design guidelines. Typically, network operations is a separate entity in the data center, so it s a good idea to review these big rules around load management with all of the operations players, just to be sure infrastructure hiccups don t bring down a distributed service. Know your baselines. It was faster on Tuesday is the watchword of the underinformed system administrator. Without some knowledge of the typical packet counts, packet demographics (broadcast UDP, ARP, IP, TCP, unicast UDP, and PC protocols), or variations during various parts of the day or days in the work cycle, you ll have trouble identifying spikes or bursts as potential instigators of trouble. Know your tools. Measuring collisions on a switched network or looking for output errors instead of counting switch packet drops will ensure that you never find the needle in the haystack. Make sure that you know what your tools measure and that you can control the outputs under measurement. There s no point in taking a reading on something that can t be directly fixed by an operations person. Routers, filters, and firewalls are good defense mechanisms. They block broadcast packets and can be used to block other kinds of unicast traffic as well. Firewalls aren t just for external defensive positions. Gaining a measure of predictability on the network means having more control
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over what kinds of traffic actually enter and exit the network. This requires careful coordination with applications developers and users, but it s well worth the effort. Use cache servers. Web proxy cache servers do what their name implies cache recently used static web content to reduce network load and improve throughput. They corral traffic and do not require applicationlevel changes. Networking is not a zero-sum game. It s usually a positive-sum game. If you subdivide a network with a 60 percent utilization into three networks, don t expect to see a nice dip to the low 20 percent range on each one. Once you remove that bottleneck, nodes on each subnet will step up their activity, producing more load than before. When you stop choking someone, that person tends to fight back and the same is true for networks. Our focus on end-to-end system reliability necessitates some discussion of network loads, latencies, and failures, but our focus will primarily be on building redundancy into the network infrastructure to tolerate physical failures. In the case of a network that goes open loop, with excessive load, broadcast storms, or other unexplained incidents that send you into an X-Files like state of weirdness, treat the problem like a physical failure and resort to a redundant network while you find the truth that s out there. We ll discuss ways to build in redundancy and handle failover now that you know what you re protecting yourself against.
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