Successful IT Business Partnerships in .NET framework

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Successful IT Business Partnerships
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There are inside jokes Team members or data elements are given nicknames They form a sports team
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Another area that is essential to building strong partnerships is effective communication When we fail to communicate, we leave the door open for doubt, uncertainty, and blame When we communicate well, we open the door to trust and partnership
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Effective Communication
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There is often a communication gap between the business and systems communities The systems groups give brie ngs and share presentations Unfortunately, these are often not effective Even when a great deal of effort has been put into these brie ngs, they can still fall short This is often due to a lack of communication skills Many technical people can design and develop complex and amazing systems, but are unable to discuss what they have done in plain English It is hoped that someone in IT management has developed these skills and can help others grow these skills too The same problems exist on the business side as well The business people understand their world but are not always effective at communicating it to others Without effective communication it is almost impossible to develop a strong partnership The most critical areas to improve the effectiveness of this communication follow
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Netting Out Key Messages
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When preparing to present to any audience, get back to basics Ask yourself the following questions about the audience: What is their level of exposure to data warehousing or the business Assess their level of understanding of this project How long do you have for the meeting Who called the meeting If you did not request the meeting, make sure that you know who asked for it and what they want Why were you asked to participate If you requested the meeting, then make sure you have a clear purpose
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Part II
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The Business Side of Data Warehousing
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What do you want to accomplish For example, a meeting s purpose may be to educate senior managers about data warehousing basics, to share project status, or to ask for more funding One way to help hone in on what messages to communicate in a meeting is to ask yourself what you hope to gain as a result of the meeting Are you expecting the group to make a decision Is this intended to be an informational session One technique to help boil things down to the essentials is to identify three to ve things that you want the audience to walk away knowing Much more than that and you have too much content for a single session Each session should have a clear and fairly speci c objective You will not be able to provide an introduction to data warehouse concepts, details about dimensional modeling, and a review of the project scope in a single half-hour meeting It would be more bene cial to set up several meetings so that a single topic can be covered thoroughly A series of short meetings can be much more effective than trying to cram everything you ever wanted know about data warehousing and your project into one meeting Such broad, all-encompassing sessions provide too much information to absorb and the weary audience often leaves confused, having missed the key point of the meeting This also leaves the attendees without a desire to come to another meeting Getting down to the key messages is one of the most dif cult things to accomplish We are often surrounded by a sea of details From the systems side, there are so many exciting things to share, such as using new interfaces, protocols, and development techniques However, these are unlikely to be of much interest to the business community The business community only wants to know about things that will impact them directly For example, details regarding a version of the database interface that does not work properly with the current version of the data access tool and is impacting the performance of everything else hosted on the same server is really not important to the business What matters to them is that due to technical compatibility issues, the project team needs to extend the development schedule by three weeks Note also whether the resources needed to resolve the current problem(s) are working on it If not, then you need to share what you need to get it resolved
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