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Part V
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Next Steps Expanding on Success
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Stay in touch with the organization s data warehouse staff: Regular communication is natural when you are involved in a project Keep up periodic communication after the project is complete too Make sure you know what enhancements are planned, what is happening with the tools, and explore how other groups are using the data warehouse Provide feedback to the data warehouse support team not just what is broken, but what is working for you too This section has reviewed several areas that are often overlooked as a data warehouse moves into production Perhaps not at rst, but over a number of years, these concepts can easily be lost Make a conscious effort to include them into the fabric of the organization The goal is for the data warehouse to become a tool that is used regularly and relied upon, like using a word processor or checking e-mail Getting to that point requires the encouragement and support of business management No matter how desperately the IT people want others to use and appreciate the data warehouse, the impetus must come from within the business community
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Celebrating Progress
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A lot of attention is given to identifying and working through problems It is even more important to ensure that success is also identi ed Progress is often measured and included in executive brie ngs Too often, this information is not shared with the rest of the organization A lot of hard work goes into building a data warehouse, and executives and managers play a critical role in motivating and encouraging staff members who are involved While each organization has its own ways to reward teams and celebrate progress, here are a few simple things can be done to encourage the project team and the business users: Publish a data warehouse/BI newsletter that highlights accomplishments: These do not need to be limited to multimillion-dollar decisions An accomplishment could be that a certain group got 100% of their staff members to complete the online tutorial or that three new reports were created to support the call center managers E-mail a thank-you to someone who put in extra effort to respond to a last-minute request from the executive team: Copy the rest of the group on the e-mail so that others know about it too Surprise the ETL developers with balloons: These are some of the hardest-working, least-known members of the project team Send thank-you notes to the support team after a dif cult problem has been resolved: This can be from business representatives to the IT team or from the IT team to a helpful person on the business side
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Achieving Long-Term Success
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Have a data warehouse anniversary party Invite members from the project team to see how the BI application works: Have a business analyst provide the demonstration so that their excitement is seen This is why everyone worked so hard Offer coupons that can be earned by sharing how an analysis helped you get your work done: The coupons can be redeemed for whatever rewards your staff nds valuable, such as the opportunity to leave an hour early Although every organization has different things that are valued as rewards, food is often a great motivator (eg, pastries, pizza, or bagels) What usually makes the biggest impact, and doesn t cost a thing, is when someone personally notices and appreciates your work It is extremely powerful when business managers express their appreciation to IT staff members Likewise, IT managers need to do the same for members of the business community who are really making a difference Keep your eyes open for opportunities to thank one another
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N O T E The best reward is when the business group is able to meet or exceed its
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business goals Many factors drive business success, but a data warehouse can indeed play a part Take a moment to re ect on how the data warehouse helped when you cash your bonus check!
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Sometimes it may seem as though you are just spinning your wheels and not making any tangible progress The ability to see progress, however, is analogous to watching one s children grow and change If you measure them every morning, you are unlikely to notice any change; but if you wait to take that measurement, then one morning you will suddenly notice growth of an inch! Similarly, you often don t notice how your children s faces are maturing until you see a major difference when looking at photographs from last summer or the previous school year Measuring the progress and maturity of a data warehouse is quite similar You may not notice any change at all when you compare this week to last week, but if you stop every six months to review progress, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised Therefore, add a reminder to your calendar to re ect on data warehouse and BI growth After you take a moment to re ect, share your observations with others!
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